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It’s not a surprise that the way parents act, what they do and what they believe, affect their children significantly. They are very often the sole role models for their little ones and it’s up to them to teach children right and wrong, and what is life all about. Even if kids leave home at a young age, they will always see the effects of their parents’ behavior in their own lives.

As a parent, you should be aware of the influence you have on your children. Especially when they are little, kids tend to mimic their parents so you have to know what you do and what you say when they may hear or see you.

It’s no wonder that so many parents are afraid of that power, but the truth is, you don’t need any courses, diplomas nor experience to be an amazing mother or father.

It’s extremely important to be present in your children’s lives from the very beginning and not to cease that when they become more and more independent. Kids need support and understanding; they need to know that they are accepted and listened to. If you want to provide them with that, you have to be patient, open and, very often, creative.

Try shaping them in a way, present them with your way of life, but don’t impose. For example, if you care about the environment, teach your children to recycle, buy only natural playground equipment, tell them about the importance of living a sustainable and eco-friendly life, but don’t make them your little soldiers. Kids don’t like to be forced, but it can be beneficial to create a stimulating environment. Let them discover the world on their own. They really are curious if you only let them be.

To know more about how your children can spend their time to develop better, check out this infographic:


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