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Savannahs, rainforests, and tropical beaches are some of the reasons why people love the Dominican republic. However, the small country has a high poverty rate, making pickpocketing and mugging a common crime. But does that make the Dominican Republic an unsafe place to visit? Let’s find out!

The Dominican Republic and women: A bittersweet relationship

Many single men love to travel to the country to meet Dominican women. They do so because they know Dominican women are some of the most exciting in the world. And with the country’s beautiful beaches and lush plantation, it’s almost a match made in heaven – almost.

The problem isn’t with Dominican women or the country’s topography; it’s how society treats women. The Dominican culture still grants men a degree of power over women, which inadvertently promotes patriarchy. This issue may not affect male visitors that much, but what about the women who want to visit there?

The Dominican Republic is famous for the patriarchal nature of its men. Some Dominican republic women migrate to the US to avoid this oppression. Sadly, some men aren’t a problem for women in their country alone; they also cause inconvenience for foreign women and other tourists. In 2019, a mom was assaulted for eight hours at a resort in the country. Stories like this put many women off traveling to the Dominican Republic.

We care about your safety. So we’ve made a list of what to expect as a woman traveling solo in the Dominican republic. The list also contains things you shouldn’t do to stay safe in the country.

1.   Drink spiking is a thing there

As a woman, the first thing to be wary of in the Dominican Republic is drink spiking. Remember how your mum probably warned you as a child not to take things from strangers? Heed that advice in the Dominican republic.

Don’t accept drinks from strangers because they may lace it to knock you out. Foreigners are often the butt of many crimes, and as a woman, you are more vulnerable. Keep these in mind when visiting bars and you should be fine.

2.   You may meet aggressive men

Many Dominican men are pushy because of their patriarchal nature. They treat women in an uncouth, aggressive manner. Even when trying to express affection, they can often overstep.

Watch out for aggressive men in the Dominican Republic, especially in bars and clubs. Don’t visit these places alone if you care about your safety in Dominican republic. If you can, find a travel buddy to accompany you to places.

3.   How you dress matters

Wearing a bikini and shorts seems cool in America and the rest of the Western world, but not in the Dominican republic. Showing too much skin can make you susceptible to unwanted attention. Dress like the women of the Dominican Republic and blend in to keep safe. It can also help if you befriend a local woman to guide your clothing choice when visiting specific areas in the country.

4.   People will help you if you ask for it

Are you stranded, lost or in immediate danger in a Dominican neighborhood? Ask for help. Many people in the Dominican Republic speak English. So if you notice something suspicious or need help with directions, approach somebody and ask for help. The people are friendly and will likely assist you in getting back to safety.

5.   If you can, travel in groups

Your travel experience will be less stressful if you go with a group. A travel group will often have a tour guide in charge. These groups will help you navigate areas that would have otherwise been too dangerous to visit alone. The Dominican Republic will help you understand the widespread belief that there is safety in numbers. As a foreigner in the Dominican Republic tourism safety is something you shouldn’t take lightly.

The Dominican Republic travel safety tips

Now that you know what to expect in the Dominican Republic, here are other things to do to stay safe:

  • Don’t show off flashy things like cars, phones, expensive clothes, and jewelry unless you want a target on your back.
  • Convert your money only at banks and authorized money exchangers
  • Get the relevant vaccination before traveling, especially if you’re visiting during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Invest in a good money belt to keep your belongings close to you.
  • Always stay updated on the weather and be prepared for hurricanes if you travel around June or November.
  • Use an insect repellant to protect yourself from mosquitoes as the Dominican Republic is a tropical country.
  • Rabies is a common disease in the Dominican Republic, so you should avoid petting stray dogs.
  • Be conscious of your surroundings at ATMs.

We would like to point out that the Dominican Republic is a beautiful place to visit despite these issues. The people are welcoming, and the environment will be different from what you are used to at home. So if you are a woman planning a trip to the Dominican Republic, don’t be deterred.

In Conclusion

Traveling solo as a female is not entirely safe anywhere, and the Dominican Republic is no exception. So follow safety precautions and avoid late nights. If you understand what you are up against, you will be better prepared to make your stay in the country safer. That is why our writers created this article to guide women traveling to the Dominican Republic.


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