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Do your kid’s have healthy dental habits? Young children often need help or require supervision while brushing their teeth if they aren’t old enough to do it on their own. It is best to start creating healthy dental habits as soon as your child begins cutting their teeth. The last thing that you want to happen is a dentist finds that your child’s two-year molars already have a cavity or their teeth come in stained. 

It’s that time of the year, the kids will be starting school soon and they will have to get used to their new school routine. Aside from new clothes, books, and school supplies, you also need to make sure that they remain healthy. It is important to schedule routine check-ups with your child’s dentist.

Regular dental checkup helps ensure that your kid’s teeth are healthy and are free of decay. Going to the dentist twice a year allows your child’s dentist to be able to fix any dental problems early on. Plus, scheduling visits before school starts can help ensure that your kids aren’t missing time away from school.

According to the American Dental Association, ADA, dental examinations are as important as your children having immunizations and booster shots. Dental problems can lead to various health problems including difficulty in eating, speaking, playing and learning.

Get Regular Dental Check-Ups

Visit your dentist at least twice a year; that’s every 6 months so that your child can have their teeth cleaned and examined. Of course, if your child is experiencing dental problems, your child’s dentist may require more frequent visits and cleanings.

Your dentist has a significant role in monitoring your children’s oral health as they grow. They will be able to see where improvements are needed, and they have all the tools necessary to maintain the best health for the teeth. Some of the things that the dentist will check include the medical and dental history of your child, their teeth, jaw, and gums.

Encourage Healthy Dental Habits

To fight periodontal disease, flossing and brushing the teeth with fluoride-based toothpaste at least twice a day. It is common for kids to forget healthy dental habits, so parents should guide them early on. Encourage your kids to take care of their teeth by tagging them along in the dental health aisle once in a while when shopping. Remember, your child’s toothbrush should also be replaced once every 3 months.

Reward Your Kids For Practicing Healthy Dental Habits

Develop an incentive-based system, where your child gets a reward each time they contribute to maintaining healthy dental habits. It is best to start this routine as early as possible so that taking care of their teeth is second nature.  A small reward will help them remember to become conscious with their teeth through the rest of their lives.

Encourage Your Kids to Eat Healthy

You are what you eat, especially to your gums and teeth. Get your kids to start eating a healthy diet early on to protect their oral health. Drinking too much sugary and consuming starchy food is like feeding the bacteria in the mouth. Let your kids consume more vegetables instead of chocolate bars to take care of their teeth better.

With healthy dental habits, your child may never need to skip school because of dental issues. Remember your dental health will say a lot about your overall health. Teaching them early will help your kids learn how to take care of their teeth better throughout the rest of their lives.


Is your child practicing healthy dental habits?


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