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Decorating your own home can be intimidating. You see all the beautifully decorated spaces in magazines and showrooms, and you can’t figure out how they came together. You would rather hire a professional decorator to put everything together for you, but you just can’t afford it.

Instead of giving up on having a home that you’re proud to show off to others, you just need to learn a few basics. You’ll be able to express your own style, and you’ll love the way your house looks. Here’s how to make sure every room in your house looks the way you’d like:

Start with Quality Pieces

There’s nothing more stylish than quality furniture. If you load up your house with cheap furniture, it will be obvious. And cheap isn’t stylish.

Invest in quality pieces of furniture that are well-made, and you will lend an air of sophistication and style to your home. Pieces like those from Bernhardt Furniture stand out for their designer quality and forward style. They have a timeless yet modern quality that lets them fit into just about any decor scheme.

Choose Timeless Over Trendy

Unless you want to be redesigning your home’s decor every couple of years, you should stay away from trendy pieces. You should also avoid trendy pieces unless you really know what you’re doing. Otherwise, your home will look like a poorly executed Pinterest imitation.

Instead, choose pieces that are stately and timeless. Your home doesn’t have to look overly formal. Think of choosing timeless furniture pieces like choosing black pants. They go with everything, and they never look out of place.

Choose an Overall Color Scheme

A color scheme will make a room look like it has been designed — rather than pieces being thrown randomly into a room one at a time. Your color scheme should include two, maybe three, colors. There should be one primary color — usually the one that is on the walls — and then one or two accent colors.

For example, you may choose a light gray for the walls, and then you would decorate with furniture pieces that are dark gray and red. Or maybe your furniture pieces would be white and yellow. Starting with a neutral color for the walls gives you more options for your accent colors.

Don’t overlook your wall art and decorative pieces when deciding on your colors. Again, stick to the same two or three complementary colors.

Tie the Room Together

Once you establish a color scheme, it should be easy to tie the pieces together. But you also need to think about the overall style of the room. For example, if you choose a mid-century modern sofa, you should choose pieces that complement it. Typically, that would mean other mid-century modern furniture or maybe a contemporary piece or two.

You wouldn’t want to put industrial, metal art in a room that has a traditional Chesterfield sofa. Just like you wouldn’t want to put a shabby chic wall sign in a room with a glossy black table. Keep the overall style of the room in mind when choosing your pieces.

Remember that Less is More

Don’t feel like you have to fill every space in a room or on the walls with furniture or decor. White space can be just as important to a design scheme as the items that go into a room.

All you have to remember is that less is more when you are designing. Start with a signature piece or two and add only what you need to make the room come together. Question whether each piece you add is really needed.

You don’t have to be a professional designer — or even hire one — to design your own home and make it look amazing. You can browse home decor websites and even Pinterest to get some ideas, but use them as inspiration only and follow these tips to bring your own vision to life. You’ll feel so much happier when you look around the room knowing that you put it together yourself. Plus, you’ll feel really proud when you invite over guests and they compliment your stylish decor.


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