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We’ve had the privilege of helping many influencers create successful blogs, a solid online presence, increase their income, and connect with opportunities. We’ve also experienced trying to help others succeed – but seeing no return or growth for them when zero action was taken after offering up solid advice and direction.

One such would-be influencer comes to mind from several back. They had a great niche, a well-designed presence – but lacked any real method or plan for achieving success. Of course, earning money was their desired goal but they refused every income-earning method.

There was no willingness to include affiliate links.

They would not take on and create sponsored content.

They would not create a product to sell nor would they sell products of any type.

They would not provide any type of service.

They had no plans to write a book or create one from their blog content.

They would, however, continue to create content and somehow they would begin to earn money. Seemingly, from nowhere.

Can you guess what happened? Unfortunately, within two years – the blog was abandoned. They were disappointed and walked away. They had positioned themselves in an incredible niche, but refused to do anything to help build the business.

We can’t say that we blame them for walking away. It would be disappointing to produce so much content, give so much of yourself and then see nothing in return. But we have to view blogs and social presence as more than content.

If you have a blog or are considering launching a blog or social media presence – congratulations… you’re an entrepreneur. It’s time to put together a strategic plan for success.

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