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Once Christmas has been and gone, many people who have hosted parties or welcomed their families to their homes are usually left with a massive clean-up.

Among all the leftover food, wrapping paper, decorations, and more, the Christmas Tree is one of the larger and most challenging items to remove. Once you’ve successfully tackled your tree removal, if you’re considering turning your knack for home maintenance into a venture, resources like webinarcare offer clear and useful details about forming Limited Liability Companies (LLCs).

Although most people would like to reuse and keep their trees for next year, the truth is that storing and maintaining a tree for an entire year is only a possibility for some.

That means that most people have to throw out their Christmas trees and dispose of them in the best way possible. However, many people need clarification about the best way to efficiently and responsibly throw away their Christmas tree. Here’s some guidance about the best ways to do that. 

When do you throw out your Christmas tree? 

Tradition dictates that you should take down your Christmas tree after the 12th night of Christmas. This means that after Christmas Day, you should take down your tree on either January 5th or January 6th. 

Of course, many people decide to take down their Christmas tree earlier than this, and it’s all down to you if you choose to remove the tree before the new year to create more space for any New Year Eves parties. 

As most people in the UK will be following the 12th-night rule, it does mean that there’s increased chance recycling centres and waste management centres may be busier than usual as people dispose of their trees. To avoid crowds and to make throwing away your Christmas Tree easier, you could do it on a different day so that it’s less crowded. 

Things to think about when throwing out a tree

There are a few things that you need to consider before you throw out a Christmas tree, as these factors will impact what’s best for you to do.

The size 

The size of Christmas trees can vary a lot, with some being miniature, 1-foot tall table ornaments, while others can be massive and span the entire height of a room. 

Of course, the bigger a tree is, the more work you’ll have to do to remove and dispose of the tree. If your tree is small enough, you can remove it from your room and place it next to your recycling rubbish on collection day to have that taken by the local council. However, if it’s too big, you may have to trim the tree and transport it to a local recycling facility. 

The material it’s made of 

If you’ve got an authentic Christmas tree, it will likely be a fir or spruce tree. These trees are evergreen, meaning they’re constantly in bloom and can often have their needles and leaves drop off and fall from the tree, causing more mess when trying to remove the Christmas tree. 

This is why many people bag their trees in a bin bag before removing the tree. This stops any needles from falling off and causing an increased mess in your home. No matter what type of tree your Christmas tree is made from, it will be recyclable. 

Instead of authentic trees, many people in the UK opt to use artificial Christmas trees that are made out of plastic. This means that these trees can be reused and cause a lot of mess. However, when it comes to getting rid of them, it can be a little tricky as they’re harder to recycle and dispose of in a responsible way

How to dispose of an artificial tree?

Although artificial trees are designed to be long-lasting and can be used for multiple Christmases, there are times when they wear down and become unusable and unappealing.

When this happens, it’s essential to dispose of these trees properly. Start by taking the tree apart. Remove all the decorations, including the lights, and set them aside. Once the tree is dismantled, group the sections of the tree based on materials. 

Usually, an artificial tree will compose of a metal frame and stand, with the branches of the tree being made out of plastic. Unfortunately, these plastic parts cannot be thrown away, but you can recycle any metal parts that come from the tree. 

Many recycling centres will accept metal wires and stands, so check with your local facility to see if they will accept it. You can either take these metal pieces to a centre or leave them to be picked up by a recycling collection.

How to Dispose of a Real Christmas tree?

Getting rid of your real Christmas tree is easy, and some eco-friendly options are available. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

If you have a council waste collection service, check to see if they offer Christmas tree pick-up. Many cities and towns will collect trees for recycling, so this is an excellent option if available, as it means all you need to do is get your tree out of your living room and into your front drive ready for collection. 

Another easy option is to take your tree to a local recycling centre. Many centres will accept trees for composting or mulching. However, it is best to cut down your tree into smaller pieces so that it can easily be transported.

You can also try planting your tree if you have some extra space in your garden. This is a great way to give your tree a second life and add some greenery to your property, and it also means that you can reuse the tree for another year.

If you’re finding it difficult to remove your Christmas tree, you can also get in a service to help remove it on your behalf. Using a business such as rubbish removal company in London will allow you to relax over the post-Christmas period as experienced professionals remove and properly dispose of your Christmas tree. Services like these are top-rated as they’re efficient, quick, and have all the equipment needed to do a good job. 

Whatever option you choose, getting rid of your Christmas tree can be easy. With a bit of planning, you can recycle or reuse your tree in a way that’s good for the environment.

Clear your tree the right way

When getting rid of your Christmas tree, you must do so responsibly. There are many different ways you can dispose of your tree, ranging from getting it collected by the council or by taking it to a recycling centre. 

You can also get a service to remove the tree for you and even plant it so you can use it again next year. No matter what you choose, use the tips in this article to ensure that your Christmas Tree removal is simple and easy. 



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