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If your drains are playing up, it might be that they are old and the inner surface is no longer strong enough to handle the constant pressure of the ground. If you experience a series of partial blockages, this is a sign that the inner pipe surface is degrading, causing the pipe to collapse. If this should happen, you have two choices: You go to the considerable expense of removing the sewer pipes and replacing them, or, as most homeowners prefer, contact a specialist drain relining company.

Invasive Tree Roots5

Tree roots spread far and wide, and should the drain pipe be in the wrong place, it can be compromised by growing tree roots, and eventually, the pipe gives way, causing a partial or total blockage. When this happens, locating the section can be a real nightmare, but not if the technician uses CCTV buggies that go down the drain and send back images of the interior. That way, you can make an informed decision regarding the best repair strategy, and with pipe relining, you have a fit and forget solution.

Professional Solutions

Whether you’re looking for pipe relining in Sydney or Melbourne, Google is your best friend. And before very long you will be talking to an expert, who would pay you a visit and determine the extent of the problem. You might be lucky, and it is only a short section that needs to be relined, or perhaps, after CCTV examination, the technician would recommend lining several sections. 

Market Leader 

You don’t want to take any risks, and a Google search for “sewer pipe relining” will land you on the website of the leading provider. Sewer pipe relining is an art, and the best in the business can carry out the work without ripping up your driveway or garden, and using go-anywhere CCTV buggies, the technician can clearly see what the inner pipe surface looks like. Then he can make a suitable recommendation, which would be a cost-effective way to permanently repair the pipes.

50 Year Warranty

Yes, you read it correctly, inner pipe relining is guaranteed for fifty years, and you’ll not find a better warranty that that. They can issue such a guarantee, as the material is a composite that does not degrade, and if the installation is handled by the supplier, they are happy to give you half a century of trouble-free use.

Non-Invasive and Eco-Friendly

The eco-friendly material will not degrade and there’s no digging up the garden, and once the installation is complete, you can say goodbye to drainage issues. Prior to installing, the technician would first ascertain exactly what is the best solution, and would clean the drains with high pressure water before the relining.

If you would like to explore the potential the pipe relining offers, an online search will have you talking to a local expert, who can arrange an on-site visit and take a look at the condition of your drainage system. If relining is recommended, this will put an end to any drainage issues, and will last for a lifetime.

Talk to your local pipe relining specialist today and see what they can do for you.




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