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Going on a date with someone you like can be exciting. But then, it can also cause you a lot of stress and anxiety, especially when it comes to picking a place for the date. You want to pick a place your date will enjoy, and you feel like the fate of the whole evening rests on it. Don’t panic because here are four tips guaranteed to help you pick a place your date will enjoy.

Ask your date.

You don’t want to be one of those people that picks a restaurant their date doesn’t like. Before you even begin searching for a place, you need to ask your date where they want to go. If you’re lucky, your search will end there. Many people already have an idea of where their perfect spot for a date is, and all you have to do is to find out.

If your date tells you to pick any restaurant you want, you also need to find out what kind of food they like. You don’t want to pick a Thai place when they can’t stand Thai food. Asking these basic questions can help you narrow down the dining choices.

Check the pricing of the place.

This tip isn’t encouraging you to be cheap on your date. If you want to enjoy a nice and romantic evening, you’re going to have to part with a few dollars. However, the pricing of the restaurant can affect the atmosphere of your date. For example, a high-end restaurant could put unnecessary pressure on the date by making it seem formal.

On the other hand, taking your date to a food truck just smacks of insensitivity. Unless, of course, your date wants to go to a food truck for your date. You want a restaurant that matches the tone of the evening. If you want the date to be very formal, then a high-end restaurant is perfect. Otherwise, you might want to keep things a little more casual.

Consider ordering takeout.

You can take the date experience in many different directions, and sometimes, nothing beats staying at home and ordering takeout. It can give you both privacy and comfort without putting any pressure on the evening. Ordering takeout also gives you a lot of room for things to develop into something more as the night progresses.

Additionally, when you decide to get takeout, you can order food from any establishment, either it’s Jollibee Halal or Domino’s. You just need to decide on where you want to stay for the date – your place or your date’s. As a tip, it’s more romantic if you let your date choose the location.

Choose your favorite restaurant.

When in doubt, you should just go with a restaurant you’re already familiar with. Since you already know a lot about the menu, the pricing, and even the ambiance, you can control a lot about the evening. What’s more, choosing a place you love gives you something to talk about. You can start the conversation with why you picked the place and why you love it so much.

However, you also need to prepare for the possibility that your date won’t love the place you pick. They don’t have to. You can simply enjoy the date and find somewhere else you both enjoy for future dates.



Photo by Spencer Davis on Unsplash

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