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Spending time in the hospital for an operation is, by its very nature, a highly stressful time. Not only will you be concerned by your health and the success of the operation, but there are many other factors to consider, such as the security of your job, looking after your family and safeguarding your home.

It is crucial, therefore, that you make a plan in advance and have concrete contingencies in place for every eventuality. This will make life easier for you in both the short and long terms, while reducing stress and allowing you to concentrate on regaining your health.

Of course, this is easier said than done. Forming any plan when there are so many factors in play is difficult, and requires a great deal of foresight.

Here’s how to plan for a medical operation:

Make sure your transportation is sorted each way

When planning for a medical operation, it is best to start with the basics, and it does not come more basic than how you’re going to get to and from the hospital. However, this is arguably the most important short-term problem to solve, because you may not be in a fit state to travel alone, especially after the operation.

If you live close by the hospital, consider asking a family member or close friend to drive you there and back. However, if you are further away – or live in a different country – it could be wise to seek medical transportation from hospital to home.

Having a dedicated medical team to help plan your flight can be a huge help, especially if you are concerned about the vulnerability of your health after the operation.

Inform a loved one of your hospital stay

It is also important to inform at least one member of your close family or friends about your operation, and when it is exactly. It might sound unnecessary, but having someone looking out for you in case of any complications or difficulties could be a huge help.

They may offer to pop round your house and make sure it is safe if you are expecting to have a long stay in the hospital, or come and visit you afterwards.

Put a contingency plan in place for your existing responsibilities

Regardless of how long you plan to be in the hospital for, it is useful to have a contingency plan in place in case you have to stay away from home for longer than expected. This could include talking to your boss at work about your situation so they can cope if you aren’t back when you planned to be, as well as having a trusted family member or friend visit your house every week to make sure it is safe, the house is in good order and the mailbox isn’t overflowing.

Furthermore, if you have a family, ensure your children will be safe and looked after, and that the temporary guardian looking after them can manage in case your hospital stay is extended.


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