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Whether you’re planning a lot of beach time or a trip to the local theme park – your family trip to LA can be all that your magical dreams are made of.

A family vacation to LA will be one of the most memorable and fun experiences for your entire crew.  LA is rich in culture, is home to a lot of family activities and it’s on the gorgeous California coast.

However, the amount of planning that goes into a rewarding family trip is not lost on this mama.  I spend hours devouring as much information as is available online.  Trying to find the most detailed list of things to do isn’t as obscure as it once was.  It’s also become a process that I absolutely enjoy!  It gets me even more excited for packing up the kiddos and venturing off to a new place.  So, let’s go!

Here’s my secret to planning the most magical family vacation to LA.

This is a trip that your kids will remember for the rest of their lives, for sure!  Finding reliable information can sometimes feel like a mountainous climb.  And this being such an epic trip, you may begin to feel overwhelmed and think that it will take months upon months to plan.  But it won’t!

In planning my first trip to LA, I had such a difficult time trying to find information that I fully trusted.  It’s also such large location – that I was afraid of choosing the wrong… everything!

Luckily, I’ve found a site and series that makes my planning, and travel – easy peasy.

I recently stumbled upon CheapOAir’s Miles Away Blog.  I also found their Things To Do video series hosted by Beau Rials.  These have become my go-to for travel planning!

The Things To Do video series was especially helpful.  For me, seeing someone else experiencing the LA area and showing me what there is to do – really helped plan everything and feel more comfortable in my itinerary.

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I plan to follow all of their videos because each month they’ll update with a new destination covering locations around the globe.  I can’t wait for all of the new travel ideas!

So, I’m excited to hear what you found on CheapOair’s list of Things To Do in LA!  What is the activity that you will absolutely not leave without doing?


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