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You could be tired of the old dated look of your bedroom and want to give it a fresh look, or you are moving to a new house and you want to change how the bedroom looks. Whatever the reason, renovating your bedroom will help you enjoy your space more. If you want to sell your home, a bedroom renovation that appeals to homebuyers’ preferences can enhance the visual appeal of your room and boost your home’s overall value.

However, without proper planning, you can easily spend more than you can afford. If you are looking for ways to save money on your bedroom remodel so you can give at a new look in a budget, below are a few tips to save your coins but still give your bedroom the update you desire.

1). Have a Plan

Before renovating your bedroom, you must know what design you want, the prices of the materials, how much you want to spend, and what you are willing to compromise or splurge on. Make a list of the features you want to add or get rid of and make a decision based on what you consider a priority. For example, a bed makeover featuring a new mattress and comfortable beddings may be much more valuable and cost-effective than demolishing your wall to create extra space for new bedroom furniture.

Whatever your needs are, make a detailed budget and stick to it to avoid spending more than you can afford. Also, be flexible enough to compromise, such as opting to repurpose, reuse or get second-hand materials and furniture instead of buying new ones to save on costs.

2). Move Things Around

Renovating your bedroom doesn’t necessarily mean buying new stuff.  Moving things around is the most cost-effective way of giving your room a modern look. Move your furniture around, adjust the position of your bed, and get rid of unnecessary items in your room.

By decluttering and reorganizing your room, you create new spaces that make the room look bigger and airier. If you decide to bring unique accessories to your room, you will have enough space to place them, and you won’t have to spend money on storage options for items you no longer need.

3). Do It Yourself

Do you trust your craft skills? You can carry out some of the renovation tasks yourself instead of hiring a professional. Repainting your room and changing your flooring are some of the things you can handle, along with making accent furniture if you are great at it. If you are hiring a contractor to renovate your bedroom, offer to do the preparation, cleaning, and transportation of materials and equipment. This way, you get to save hundreds of dollars in labor expenses.

While going the DIY route is a great way to spend less on a bedroom renovation, be sure only to take on tasks that you can comfortably complete as you may end up ruining your entire project. Also, ensure that you put safety measures in place to avoid accidents and injuries.

4). Update your Room with Paint and Wallpapers

A fresh lick of paint that complements your style can transform your walls and take your bedroom from basic to elegant. You can also decide to go for wallpapers instead of paint for a bit of creativity as they come in a variety of styles ranging from patterned to plain and 3D.  If you are on a tight budget, you can invest in expensive high-quality wallpaper for your accent wall and paint the rest of the room.

Old pieces of furniture like dresser and storage cabinets can also benefit from an update and make your room stand out. Sand them down and paint them up to give them a brand new look instead of buying new ones.

5). Keep your Bedroom’s Structure

Making structural changes like knocking out walls and changing the bedroom layout can take up a lot of money.  To realize savings, maintain your bedroom’s positioning, so you don’t have to make costly wiring changes. Your mattress positioning in the room is key. Also, only knock down or add your bedroom walls when necessary.  If you feel like your bedroom is too big and airy, use furniture to define spaces instead of erecting a new wall as it costs much less.

An unimpressive bedroom floor can do with fresh water-based paint depending on the material, or a new set of rugs instead of a floor replacement. This way, the only changes you make in your bedroom will be mainly cosmetic and will save you money.

Bottom Line

Giving your bedroom a retouch doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. With the above tips, you can renovate your bedroom to suit your style and needs without going out of your financial comfort zone.




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