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Being healthy and active is fantastic, but it can be very difficult to keep up your fitness regime when you’re suffering from an injury. Doing too much can be very damaging. While you obviously want to get back to your routine as early as possible, rushing your healing process can quickly lead to further damage. That’s why it’s vital that you aid your body’s recovery as much as possible. There are some quick and easy ways to make sure that your recovery time is drastically shortened, and whether you’ve broken a bone or pulled a muscle, here are the best ways to speed up your recovery and get back into your healthy fitness regimen much more speedily.

Go To Sleep

Our bodies need time to recover, and getting eight hours of sleep every night will always be beneficial. This is especially true if your body is trying to heal. Sleep is an essential part of the healing process, and the more that you can establish a good sleeping routine, the faster your recovery time will be. You can aid your body even more by eating some protein-rich foods before bed. Your body will work through the night, turning that protein into muscle healing energy.

Avoid Alcohol

You might be tempted to have a few brandy’s for a nightcap, but this will only slow down your recovery. Drinking even small amounts of alcohol when you’re suffering from an injury can drastically affect your body’s ability to rebuild and repair. Not only that, but if you drink too much then you can all too easily cause further damage to your injured body parts.

Cold Showers

It’s a terrifying prospect, but a cold shower or bath can dramatically influence your body’s ability to heal. This is a great option for those who have pulled muscles or strained tendons. A cold shower can help to reduce inflammation, and that can be very useful when it comes to regaining mobility.

See a Professional

Of course, medical professionals will always be a good starting point when it comes to recovery. Look for medical help from those that have experience with targeted manual therapy, with health companies like Airrosti able to create a tailored recovery service that will see you back in the gym before you know it.

Eat for Health

Your body is going to need some vital building blocks if you want to speed up your recovery, so it’s essential that you give it the fuel that it needs. Protein is going to be your most important need, but you should also make amino acids and omega-3 oils a priority. Look at the best foods available that can help your body to repair, and you’ll be back to prime fitness levels much faster.

Keep Moving

Take it slowly, but don’t dismiss your ongoing activities. Even during injury time, you will still be able to exercise the uninjured parts of your body, but you need to take it slowly. Don’t overexert yourself, and avoid putting any kind of strain on your injured body parts. Look at low-impact activities like swimming or even walking, and you’ll be maintaining your health levels so that you’ll struggle less when you’re ready to return to the gym.

Recovery from any injury can take time. Make sure that you’re helping your body to repair itself, and you could be back at prime fitness levels within a much more acceptable time frame.



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