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A parent’s job is one of the toughest possible, and, understandably, you worry about your child experimenting with drugs and alcohol. The rising cases of illegal and underage vaping are a cause for concern and parents should take the time to warn their kids about the dangers. Although the law is taking steps to make products inaccessible to kids, we all know how determined teens can get when they’re trying to assert their identity and independence. The best you can do is to look out for the signs that indicate your child could be vaping.

Sudden Interest in Fruity Candy

If you detect aromas of fruity candy each time you pass your teen’s room or do their laundry, don’t pass it off for a sweet tooth. You need to worry about more than upcoming dental bills. Vaping brands like Yami Vapor have several flavors that taste and smell like nougat, fruits, and desserts. You should check around to make sure that it’s all they’re consuming.

Cravings for Salty and Spicy Snacks

Vaping tends to dull taste buds, partly because the clouds take away moisture. To compensate, your child might start eating more salty and spicier foods and snacks. If every meal needs a side of spicy Sriracha or Tabasco, you’ll know there’s a problem.

Excessive Intake of Sodas and Water

Dryness in the mouth and throat from vaping may result in your teen downing large quantities of soda, juices, and water. If you note that they’re drinking more fluids than usual, you’ll want to find out more about why that is. On the flip side, a combination of caffeine and nicotine may trigger more mood swings and anxiety. And, your child may start to avoid sodas that contain caffeine to lower these effects.

More Requests for Cough Medicine

The nicotine content in e-liquids and e-juices may irritate the lining of the throat and nasal passages. Your teen might start taking more over-the-counter cough medicine to deal with a sore throat. If you seem to be running out of syrup more often than usual, pay close attention to your child’s activities. More frequent nosebleeds are yet another sign that parents should watch for.

Irritability and Sleep Disturbances

When a teen is irritable, cranky, and throws temper tantrums, parents typically put it down to normal hormonal reactions. Staying up late and not sleeping or taking daytime naps are other usual teenage behaviors. Open lines of communication and try to help your child resolve their issues. Explore if they’re using vaping products. You’ll also want to be extra alert if their grades are dropping. Underage nicotine consumption can interfere with brain activity and make it hard to focus on studies.

Kids and teens get into all kinds of trouble in their growing years. As parents, you need to be watchful of the possibility that your child is indulging in underage vaping. Warn them about the risks of vaping for children and how it can only be used as a smoking cessation tool by adults. Steer them in the right direction to a smoke-free lifestyle.

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