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So, you’re soon to be a parent? Bring on the sleepless nights, busy days, and constant concentration. But try not to worry too much, we’re going to outline some of the essential items you’re going to need to be fully prepared for the task ahead. Preparation is key, so let’s do this.


If you’re looking for peace of mind, then food is the best place to start. One of the primary concerns of parenthood is your child’s health and wellbeing, and the best way to influence that is by feeding it the perfect blend of nutrients and vitamins to give them the best start possible. Alula offers a range of formulas that cater to children from newborns to 2-year-olds. So stock up on some high-quality baby formula, and you can rest a little easier.


Your newborn should spend plenty of time sleeping, so help them out by getting a good quality crib. You need to find one which makes you feel confident that your child is safe and secure. Try a bedside crib for the early stages so you can keep your baby within arm’s reach as much as possible.


No matter how hard you try, you can’t keep your eye on your baby 24/7, so get yourself a secure playpen where you can happily leave your child while you go to answer the phone. Your baby should be given supervised freedom around the house so they get to explore and pick up new experiences, but for times when you have somebody over for coffee, you’ll be thankful you’ve got a playpen set up in the corner.


This might sound a little forward, but books can be a great early purchase for babies. Sure, they won’t fully understand the story, but a good baby book can imprint some early positive experiences on your newborn. Reading to your baby gives you one-on-one bonding time with them while developing their cognitive abilities and their understanding of language. It’s an important early step that shouldn’t be missed, so start building your library now!

Floor Mats

Your newborn is going to develop fast, on average, babies start crawling between 6 and 12 months old. Get yourself prepared for your baby’s newfound mobility and get your place protected. Interlocking foam floor tiles are a great purchase to make your home safe. They are very customizable, so they should fit any floor space, and they’ll give your whole place a vital extra layer of protection.

Sleep Sacks

A sleep sack is a little wearable blanket that buttons up securely around your baby. They are a great purchase to alleviate the concern of using a blanket, and to make sure that your baby is cozy and warm all night long. They allow the baby’s arms to be free, so they can still use their favorite toy or cuddle up in bed. A sleep sack is a great stress reliever and an item which you’ll be very glad you bought in advance.



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