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Being a woman, the title of this post alone is a very hard thing to admit to. Admitting that we struggle causes us to feel that we aren’t good enough or that we’ve failed in some form. But, I find it appropriate to be bold and reveal some of the thoughts I face on being a mother and the job description that comes with it.

Being a mom is tough work, it’s not an easy job. So if you’re next to someone who is a mother, give her a hug and let her know how much you appreciate her and the hard work she is putting in Every. Single. Day. It’s so easy for us ‘moms’ to not notice ourselves and the amazing work we are actually doing from the moment we wake in the mornings, to the time we lay our heads down on our pillows at night for some hopeful sleep.

Being a mother not only means caring and nurturing for little ones, but it means conquering the day, managing a home, making sure there’s food in the pantry, overcoming our own insecurities and reaching goals.

Struggles– When I say ‘struggles’, I’m talking about the insecurities, the worries, the doubts, and the frustrations, that we all face in life. As a mother, I’m sure you can relate.. You go to sleep at night with a plan of what tomorrow will look like, and what you will accomplish. Yet when you take on the day, you seem to be hit with some form of ‘the struggles’.

You don’t deal with these struggles on a daily bases, some are better than others, but you do face them more than you would like to throughout the week. There are times when you may become consumed by the “struggles” and forget the fact that you are consistently accomplishing what it takes to be an amazing mother. There are moments when you might become mentally overwhelmed or in the process of trying to brainstorm through something, and not give your attention to the little moments of joy or achievement that your children may be trying to share with you.

See, it’s easy for me to start writing, cleaning, or cooking, and get into a groove, but then become frustrated because the children will not stop fighting or won’t stop fussing. I’m sure you’ve faced these moments in some shape or form as well, right? When I’m “busy” and tell my child that they can show me their fort later, or when I need to step into the other room for a moment to breathe, I then become convicted and the negative thoughts of not being a good enough mom enter into my mind.

I find myself throughout the week thinking on the circumstances that have caused me to feel convicted due to my lack of attention that I may not have given the child at a certain moment of my busyness. It’s very easy to get caught up in the daily life activities and miss out on the little moments. The moments that will impact your child, and impact your life.

Let me share a little secret that we ‘mothers’ rarely consider. Being an amazing mother isn’t about how clean your home is, what type of meals you cook, or how well you handle the tantrums of your child. Being an amazing mother comes down to the love you show on a daily basis.

Love is words put into action, it’s more than the daily ‘I love you’.. If you think about your day yesterday, I’m sure you have done any of the following listed. But it’s important to take a moment and remind yourself that;

  • Your love shines when you get up every two to three hours through the night to feed and comfort your little one
  • Your love is proven as you set aside your own needs and wants for the day and focus on the child in front of you
  • Your love is confirmed as you continually teach your child manners and patience
  • Your love is found when regardless of how you’re mentally or emotionally feeling, you still set an example of what real love is and what it looks like

You’re an amazing, loving, and nurturing mother. All because you love your children so well, you are the image of the world’s greatest mother, don’t let that cliché phrase get by you with such little meaning.

Challenge yourself this week to let go of the weight of not being good enough or not having the strength or energy, just because you were feeling overwhelmed today. Let go of all the struggles and give yourself some praise for your selflessness that you consistently show.

I’d love to hear your thoughts,

Do you become overwhelmed with the daily duties of being a mom?
Have you realized that you are the World’s Greatest Mom?

Until the next spark,

xo, Mattelynkae


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