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Conceiving is one of the greatest news to mothers. However, a pregnancy journey comes with many challenges, especially for new mothers. Your body goes through different changes as the pregnancy progresses, some of which might cause discomfort. Pregnancy belly bands include stretch garments designed to support the abdomen, hips, lower back, and pelvis. Thus, it is worth adding a belly band to your wardrobe collection. Here are the benefits of wearing a belly band during pregnancy.

Help During Activities

One of the significant benefits of wearing belly bands is the gentle compression they provide during activities. Usually, most women will wear a sports bra when going for a jog to ease their practice. Similarly, wearing a belly band eases your activity sessions following the gentle compression it offers. The belly band offers support to the uterus, thus decreasing discomfort when performing physical activities. However, you should not tighten the band excessively, as too much compression could negatively affect you.

Helps Improve Posture

Typically, a pregnant woman tends to experience changes in their posture as the baby bump continues to grow. They will have a swayback look following the extra weight carried in front. Also, as your pregnancy grows, the core muscles supporting the spine tend to stretch and weaken, thus changing posture. Wearing a belly band offers your body external cues, thus achieving proper posture. Health experts advise that one should avoid overstretching their back, thus making a belly band a good investment.

They help Counter and Reduce Pain.

Most pregnant women complain of joint and back pain constantly. As the baby bump grows, the extra pressure and weight cause the ligaments to stress, resulting in Pain. While it is expected during this period, this Pain can be frustrating, making it hard to perform your daily activities. The good news is that you can wear a belly band to counter this Pain, thus giving you a much better pregnancy experience. Wearing the belt helps support your baby bump and the lower back, reducing Pain and, thus, more comfort.

Provides Postnatal Support

After welcoming your bundle of joy, you can notice a significant decrease in your core strength overall. This is primarily because of the natural stretching of ligaments and muscles. According to research, wearing a belly band and integrating it with core exercises helps support your lower back and the abdomen as well. Therefore, you will have a better healing process from childbirth and pregnancy with less discomfort.

Moreover, belly bands can help mothers with various conditions, such as the separation of the abdominal muscles and diastasis recti. The band provides physical support, which helps pull the abdomen muscles closer to each other, thus enhancing the healing process.

Is it Safe to Wear a Pregnancy Belt During Pregnancy?

From all the benefits indicated above, we can all agree that wearing a belly band is helpful to pregnant women. Experts also advise women to wear the belts during pregnancy and term the band as safe equipment. However, physicians caution pregnant women against wearing the belly bands for extended hours regardless of their purpose. This is because overusing these support garments can cause weaker muscles and over-dependence.


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