Mattress for Heavy Sleepers that Provides Best Sleeping Experience

A comfortable good night’s sleep is associated with numerous benefits; hence the need to choose the right mattress. While there are different beds in the market, finding the best mattress for plus-sized sleepers can be daunting. Heavy sleepers have unique needs regarding mattresses. If you weigh over 200 pounds and are taller than six feet, you may also fit in the category. Therefore, you necessitate the best bed for plus-sized sleepers that conforms to your size in terms of durability, thickness, and firmness.

 Below are quality beds for plus-size individuals:

  1. Titan- Best for plus-sized hot sleepers


The elements of the Titan mattress caters to the needs of plus-size sleepers thanks to its TitanFlex foam. It features a quilted memory foam top, which provides cooling for sleepers who sleep hot. It also comprises of numerous springs at its core for pressure relief and limited sagging. It also consists of a high-density foam base to enhance the bed’s durability.

Moreover, the mattress features a rated film that resists deformation and offers adequate support for plus-sized individuals. And what’s more? It also comes with an optional top-cooling panel, which is a plus for anyone who sleeps hot.

  1. Nectar- Quality and value for money

The Nectar is yet another best bed for plus-sized sleepers. It’s a medium-firm mattress renowned for its affordable price. And the best mattress for side-sleepers consumer reports, states that most people go for it since it’s less costly and doesn’t compromise on mattress quality. It features a gel memory foam layer for optimal comfort levels. It also comprises of deeper memory foam layers excellent for providing substantial support.

If you turn, toss and sleep on all positions, then you need a supportive mattress. For this reason, the Nectar mattress props your entire body and spreads the pressure along the surface, no matter your sleeping position. Moreover, it can alleviate tension in your lower back when sleeping on your back or stomach. If you sleep on your sides, it also relieves pressure on your shoulders and hips.

  1. The Big fig mattress- Best for a more prominent figure

The Big fig mattress is an excellent bed for heavy people. It addresses most of the issues that plus-size individuals face regarding sleeping needs. These are, for instance, sagging, body impressions, poor edge support, and heating up. It’s also quality and durable mattress featuring pocketed coils, poly and latex foam. The Big fig provides exceptional pressure relief for side sleepers. It is also handy for temperature control, thanks to the ThermoGel cooling technology in the topper.


  1. Saatva HD-The best luxury mattress


The saatva HD is one of the best mattresses for heavy people weighing between 300 to 500 pounds. It’s a hybrid bed that features an organic cotton top, a latex layer of support as well as a high durability base with high-gauge coils. It also features a contoured foam layer sandwiched between the latex and coil layers.

The Saatva HD also offers foundations options for sleepers who wish to customize their beds. And this makes it ideal for plus-sized sleepers who want to upgrade their beds entirely. The Saatva HD offers sleepers the springiness of a coil mattress without the coil fatigue or short mattress lifespan, thanks to the high- gauge coils.


There are different beds in the market to cater to the needs of heavy sleepers, and you shouldn’t shy away from looking for a plus-sizes mattress. Remember, it’s crucial to pick the right mattress for a comfortable good night’s sleep. As such, choose the best bed for plus sized-sleepers that’s comfortable, firm, durable and supportive. Your choice of the bed should align your spine perfectly and limit sweating during sleep.


Photo by Logan Nolin on Unsplash


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