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We all know that being a mom is a full time job. Raising kids can consume so much time that devoting it to style your everyday fashion look can be almost impossible.

However, there is a solution. All you need to do is to spend an hour once in a while to create your personal style and become the classy super mom you were born to be!

5 Tips on what to Wear to Stay Stylish:

  1. Invest in good jeans – it is crucial for the jeans you pick to be comfortable. Why jeans? Denim is timeless; jeans can be paired with almost anything and you will always be able to put together a fashionable outfit and look stylish with very little effort. Also, the legendary “mom jeans” are trendy now, so take advantage of that.
    2. Pick clothes that are comfortable and stylish at the same time – if you have to run after your kids all day, it is important that your outfit doesn’t constrain you in any way. There are numerous websites and stores that have a “mother’s” section where they sell classy and comfortable clothes, so it’s time to switch up to those aisles ladies! But just do not overdo with the accessories while wearing such clothes, keep them simple.
    3. Less is often more – every time you go shopping for new clothes keep in mind that you should be searching for quality items, instead of quantity. It’s better to have a few good fashion pieces, than to fill your wardrobe with numerous items that are hard to style into an outfit. Also, try to pick natural materials such as cottons or linens.
    4. Replace your diaper bag – you can replace your regular diaper bag with a trendier item. Just make sure you find a stylish handbag that is big enough to fit in all the baby things you need to be carrying with you.
    5. Pick footwear and clothing companies that offer super comfortable merchandise – forget uncomfortable heels and opt for some nice and trendy loafers or sneakers from footlocker instead! It will make your everyday life much easier. Pick cottons and natural fabrics for clothes in general, for more comfort.

4 Tips on how to Develop Your Personal Style

When it comes to choosing your personal style and shopping online here are some useful tips:

  • Follow famous mommy bloggers and celebrities on social media for inspiration – sometimes these celebrities dress casually and affordably. And often you can even recreate these stylish mommy looks for less money! Also, many online stores make their clothing picks based on celebrity styles so you can purchase pre-made outfits without overthinking.
  • Find new ideas everywhere around you – if you think that to be elegant is a hard thing to achieve, you are mistaken. You might just be out of fresh ideas, that is all. Browse various blogs, fashion websites and magazines for your daily dose of inspiration. You will notice how, in little time, you will be able to visualize a fashionable look in your head. Pay attention to what is now trendy in stores and you can even ask some of your stylish girl friends for company and advice while shopping.
  • Plan your outfits in advance – some days you will have more free time so use them to plan your outfits for the upcoming week. You will see how helpful this tip truly is, when you realize the time you spent on getting ready cuts in half.
  • Be wise when shopping online – check for discount codes or sales (every online store has them) and try to pick items that work best for your personal style. Even your favorite top clothing brand can offer good deals. Many internet shops also have free shipping to various destinations, which can also be a great bonus if you need to save up some cash.
  • Finally, you can use apps like Piggy to get automatic cashback on brands like Macy’s and many others.

Extra Tips for Your Fashion Journey:

  • Helping the environment by buying “smart” is a nice thing to be aware of.
    Inform yourself about sustainable fashion (eco fashion) as it is becoming very popular, and many famous designers are turning to it. Help the planet for our future generations.
  • Always compare clothing brand reviews so you can stay informed.
    Clothing reviews from customers could help you get to “know” the stores you shop from and how they run their business and sales. This can help you save money and pick the best brand that meets your needs.

Now that you are a mother, be brave enough to experiment with fashion, as this new chapter of your life is just beginning and you should discover your new style. Embrace this fashionable journey and have fun!


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