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So it is my first official Mother’s Day, and I was super excited to celebrate my special day. I received my Mother’s Day gift, and I was looking forward to dinner at my favorite restaurant, Red Lobster. It is time to get ready, and I decided that I was going to take my time to get all dolled up. After all, this isn’t something I did every day, so its only fair that I go the extra mile to look my best on my day.

Am just about ready to leave the house, and I do my mental checklist. Baby is fed, dressed, and diaper bag all packed. My makeup is done real nice, am feeling my outfit. Mama got her groove back! Now am thinking, should I take pictures before, or after I leave? After I leave it is then. But you know I had to take some selfies before I left.

I grabbed by stuff and out the door I went. At this point your girl is still feeling her self to the max, and proceeded to take more selfies in the hall way. So here I am waiting for the elevator, and talking to my baby in the stroller. “Papa we are going outside for dinner.” And just like that the elevator was there. We went inside the elevator and pushed the ground floor button.

The elevator is going, am talking to my son, all is well. And then, all of a sudden I hear the elevator shut off. I thought to myself, OK? Maybe its just a glitch and I just need to press the ground floor button again. So I pressed the button nervously, and nothing happened. I cannot believe this is happening. It felt like I was a part of a bad joke. I cannot be stuck in an elevator with my baby on Mother’s Day.

First thought I had was, don’t panic. Because If I did, my baby would sense it and that would be another trouble in itself dealing with a fussy baby in a small elevator. So I had to come up with an action plan how to get out. I reached for my phone, and called my sons father. Him, “Hello? Am in the car waiting for you.” Me, “Am stuck in the elevator.” He thought he heard wrong. I repeated. “I am stuck in the elevator!” He was worried and immediately called the landlord for the building. Just my luck, no one is answering. Here I am stuck in the elevator with my baby, and he is starting to get fussy, not to mention it was hot in the elevator.

I had to strip him down to his onesie so he wouldn’t get too hot, while trying to entertain him. Finally, after trying several times to call the landlord with no success. We decided to call the fire department. And about an hour later we were out. Shout out to the Toronto Fire Department who got me and my baby safely out. So after this whole ordeal, I was so exhausted and hungry. My clothes were all wrinkled, I had sweat my hair out. I was a mess, but I was still determined to get my Red Lobster.

Off we went to Red Lobster. About 20 minutes later we arrived at our destination Red Lobster. The place is packed. I mean, packed to the point where there was a line up that went all the way outside, just to talk to the host about how long you had to wait to get a table. You cannot be serious. I was not in the mood to wait two hours or so just to get a table. Especially after what just happened.

We decided, let’s try Nandos instead. We drove to Nandos only to be in the same situation. This would be another long wait. I was so over everything and just wanted to go back home. Long story short, my evening ended in eating KFC for dinner in the comfort of my own home, and I was just happy to put my feet up.  Geez I went through all of that and ended up back home. It just wasn’t meant to happen, and I was fine with that. I am still grateful that I have my beautiful baby boy who will one day call me mommy and that is good enough for me. In conclusion this was definitely a first Mother’s Day I wont forget. Feel free to leave a comment about your mother’s day and how it went.


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