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Autumn offers activities that you might not be able to do at other times. There are plenty of cozy, refreshing ways to enjoy the season. Of course, autumn is as fleeting as the leaves on the trees. Take advantage of these activities while harvest is in full swing and colorful leaves fill your view.

Autumn is the Perfect Time to Pick Apples

When it comes to picking apples, it can sometimes be hard to tell whether they are ripe! This is because of the variety of colors they come in. Apples that are pink, red, or even green can all be ripe. Picking your apples during the autumn season is the best way to make sure the apples are ripe and tasty.

To find especially ripe apples, first go for those on the outer branches of the tree. This is how apples tend to ripen usually. Pick each apple with care, so as not to damage the tree. Gently lift and twist each apple free.

Make A Classic Autumn Apple Cider Drink

You can make your own apple cider at home. Autumn is the perfect time of year for this! The trees are full of apples, some becoming overripe by the day. Apple cider can be a nice use for overripe apples or those that have become bruised or unsightly. The beverage can make a perfect Halloween treat, too.

First off, you will need a stockpot. Fill this with halved apples, as well as oranges for that classic cider flavor. You can use any type of apples you like, or a variety. All you need to do is bring them to a boil in water in a stock pot, and simmer for 8 hours until soft. Mash them against the sides of the pan to release more juice, simmer a little longer, and then put the concoction through a strainer. This will separate the pulp from the juice. Add the sweetener of your choice, like brown sugar or honey, and settle into your spicy, toasty drink.

Make Homemade Salsa With Extra Produce

In late summer and early autumn, gardens are bursting with extra produce: onions, tomatoes, peppers, and more. It can be hard to know what to do with all of the excess. Sometimes tomatoes are left to go bad, tragically. Instead, make them into a homemade salsa. Roughly chop half an onion, one bell pepper, some cilantro, and five tomatoes. You can also add avocados, beans, corn or whatever else you feel like. This will make a nice-sized batch. Put out some corn chips and the surprisingly addicting, fresh-made bowl of salsa will disappear before your eyes. Then you can make another, and make use of your ever-ripening produce quickly!

Hike or Bike in Autumn to Take in the Seasonal Beauty

One of the most breathtaking seasons to hike in is autumn. The trees will just be turning, or boasting their full array of colors already. Either way, the air is crisp and something on the horizon beckons. Follow your whimsy on some gorgeous walks out-of-doors. You can choose your preference of hike difficulty. Tougher hikes are more exercise, but often reward the effort with exceptional views. Easier, more leisurely hikes are a lovely way to go at your own pace and relax.

Instead of your feet, you can opt for a bike and explore nature that way. Pick some mountain trails, easier bike trails, or simply bike through the neighborhood. Late rose gardens and old neighborhood trees turning can be a sight to see.

When biking, use all due care, of course!  Give cars plenty of space. In the rare, unfortunate circumstance that you are bumped into by a car, a personal injury lawyer like Craig, Kelley & Faultless LLC can save the day.  For your part, be sure to bike during sunlight hours, or with proper lights to alert cars at nighttime. As long as you use a little care, biking can be a breeze.

Hang Seed and Nut Treats for Birds

Many birds may have flown away for the winter, but some will still be around for awhile. Some may stay and brave the entirety of the cold months. Either way, they will want some fattening! Winter is chilly and food is more scarce, so helping them pack on a little weight during the autumn season can be a kind gesture.

A fun way to make treats for birds is to get some pinecones and coat them in peanut butter and seeds, like sunflower seeds, that are bird-safe. Not only will you do be doing the little guys a favor, it can also be fun to watch birds stop by.

As you can see, there are many unique as well as nostalgic ways to take advantage of autumn. Pick some apples, make your own cider, turn extra garden produce into a zesty salsa, or bird-watch peacefully. Whatever activity you choose, the clean, brisk air and the vibrant beauty of the season will certainly make it memorable.


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