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It’s always good to see online stores bring something new to the table. It is refreshing when an online retail business springs up that is not Amazon-related. PawAnimal essentially makes custom gifts for the family. They offer a range of ideas that can add a personal touch to any home or space. They offer the kind of gifts that mean a lot to the receiver and make for good surprises.

What You’ll Find at PawAnimal?

In essence, you’ll find custom-printed gifts created by artists. Each creation is unique, and this is what makes PawAnimal a little bit different.

PawAnimal has a kind of organic, natural theme aimed at the animal lover and nature lover markets.

PawAnimal Custom Gifts

PawAnimal’s printed custom family gifts product range includes:

  • T-Shirts – PawAnimal offers a large selection of t-shirts encompassing several of their themes. This includes animal and nature prints, special interests such as motorcycling, and family. It is clear that the artwork quality is high, so it is really a question of your taste or your judgment if buying for others.
  • Phone Cases – PawAnimal’s custom phone cases are a case of quality over quantity. Whereas they have plenty of t-shirts of various designs, phone cases tend to be a few in each category. That said, the artwork quality is high, and if one grabs you, no doubt you’ll be pulling out your card to make a purchase.
  • Blankets – PawAnimal’s blanket range is arguably thin on the ground. That said, if you love Koala bears, then you may love their offering. Their blankets make for a wonderful gift for your daughter.
  • Face Masks – These days, you never leave home without one. Why not have a custom printed one? This way, you can express your personality and tastes, which is the next best thing to express using your face. PawAnimal has over 560 facemask designs in the animal category alone. If you’re an animal lover, you will find something you like.
  • Stickers – Stickers are an in thing at the moment, and PawAnimal’s offerings are either Native American or Daddy’s Girl based in the family category.


PawAnimal’s product range is divided into six categories. They are:

  • Family & Relationships
  • Hobbies
  • Awareness & Beliefs
  • Animals
  • Interests
  • Koala

Although the site’s navigation is pretty good, the broader categories of hobbies and interests can literally give you anything! As such, I found it easier to browse an entire category to see the product range than filtering by category.

That said, the site is very clean and nicely laid out. You can scroll through products with ease and use the filters to pin down who you are actually buying for.

PawAnimal offers free shipping for orders above $69 and has an easy-to-understand term and condition page and refund policy. It is the usual thing, but it is nice to know you are protected legally should you not be happy with a purchase.

All in all, PawAnimal offers gifts that show you have given thought to what you are sending. If you want something different or are stuck for ideas, check them out.


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