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Seven months. That’s how long I’ve been a mommy to this precious baby boy napping soundly on my chest. Today we’re enjoying this warm spring day by playing and relaxing on our porch–I honestly don’t think there’s a sweeter way to spend the day. As I sit here slowly swinging my napping son on the porch swing, I’m amazed by how fast the past seven months passed.

My son too quickly grew out of that cuddly, sleepy newborn stage and is now smack dab in the middle of becoming more and more mobile and independent. The thought of how fast this happened seriously blows my mind and makes me want to hold onto every precious little moment ever so tightly.

I know with each passing month he will reach for me less and less as his independence continues to grow–a thought I can hardly bear. So today I choose to put everything else on the back burner and hold my son tightly for as long as he will let me hold him. Today we will cuddle more and worry less about life outside the warm cocoon of our home. No emails will be answered today, my phone ringer is switched off, and Facebook doesn’t exist on a day such as today.

There are plenty of household tasks waiting for me to accomplish once I walk through the threshold of our porch door. Those tasks, however, will have to wait for another day, because today nothing is robbing me from time away from my precious son. Today I am breathing him in and studying his sweet face and all those little blonde hairs on his head. I am holding his little hands as he sleeps and I’m making mental notes of how those sweet little fingers look curled around mine. I am ever-so-carefully massaging his tiny feet and wondering where they will one day travel. His head is nestled gently on my shoulder and I hear nothing but the peaceful sound of his rhythmic breathing and I am brought to tears thinking about this gift God has entrusted to me.

Although I will have to eventually return to my daily chores and responsibilities, today I choose to put it all on hold in order to truly hold my baby while he’s still a baby.

Let’s take the opportunity to slow down and enjoy our loved ones. Let’s not feel guilty about spending an afternoon loving those we love instead of racing to ‘get it all done’. After all, in the grand scheme of things, time spent with those most important to us is the most important thing; and when we reflect back upon our lives, these will be days remembered.

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