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Becoming a new mom can be stressful, especially when you still have work. While you can use a breast pump, people usually consider expressing milk awkward, laborious, and time-consuming. But we are in the 21st century, so things do not have to be complicated. Recent tech advancements now mean that mothers can pump anywhere, anytime, and hands-free. This can be achieved using a wearable breast pump that comfortably sits in your bra. Is a wearable breast pump right for me? Should I use it when breastfeeding? This article provides reasons you should consider buying a wearable breast pump.

Practical and Mobile

Utilizing a wearable breast pump means you can pump from anywhere and anytime. More to it, you can conduct the pumping totally hands-free. A wearable breast pump in Australia allows individuals to express and collect breast milk without interrupting their daily tasks. Your breast milk will continue to pump at work or strolling, and people will not notice.

Easy to Clean

Taking care of your baby properly requires clean items for their use. Getting difficult to clean equipment puts the baby at risk of infections and diseases. The good thing is that wearable and wireless breast pumps come with fewer parts that are easy to clean. Also, it does not have tubes which can be complicated to clean. Also, most parts of the pump are sterilizer-safe, thus guaranteeing maximum safety.


The last thing you need as a new mom is something that makes you uncomfortable, especially at the workplace. Fortunately, wearable breast pumps fit nicely in your bra, thus maximum comfort. Additionally, the pump collects milk automatically from the container attached to the pump. Ensure you get bra adjusters, as too little compression can feel insecure, while too much compression can feel uncomfortable.

App Controlled

Various wearable breast pumps connect with an app on your mobile gadget. This way, the user can easily track the amount of breast milk you express from each breast and get personalized insights into your pumping sessions. Moreover, one can customize the intensity of the express and massage settings while controlling the pump remotely. After your pumping session, the app automatically adds insights to your tracking page. Thus, you can monitor and manage your breast milk supply over time. Thus, you can easily notice issues with the milk supply and seek help when need be.

Long Lasting Power

Imagine tethering your breast pump to power cables as you pump. Isn’t that life-threatening? The good thing is that with wearable pumps, you do not need to be connected to power cables each time you pump. All you need to do is charge the machine, and it’s ready for use on the go. A wearable pump also includes a long-lasting power capacity so you can pump for up to 20 sessions before the power depletes.

Express from Both Breasts Simultaneously

Selecting a wearable pump gives you the advantage of switching between one or two pumps simultaneously. Therefore, you can express from both breasts and refrigerate the milk or pump from one breast while the baby feeds on the other. Storing the milk allows the baby to get healthy meals even when you are not around them.


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