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You’ve heard about all the basic reasons breastfeeding is awesome, but I bet you haven’t heard of all the fringe benefits. If you’re thinking about breast feeding, you might find the idea a bit more attractive after reading these tips and tricks of the trade. You might also leave scratching your head, but I assure you that I didn’t make this stuff up.

1: Five miles of walking is equal to 1 day of breastfeeding. Why in the world are we running off to a gym to rid ourselves of the baby weight when we could be feeding the baby, watching our favorite soaps and eating bon bons and still losing weight? Five miles ladies–can you even image that? Let’s do the math: breastfeeding burns up to 500 calories per day. Walking burns approximately 100 calories per mile. Thus, 5 miles=500 calories=1 day of breastfeeding=a hot momma! Of course, that goes with the assumption that you’re not eating like a cow to compensate for all of those expended calories, but let’s not focus on that part. Five miles!

2: Breastfeeding babies could pick mom out in a group. Your milk give off a distinct scent that only your breastfed baby can pick up on. So, if you are sitting around with other breast feeding mothers just hanging out and everybody’s breast is hanging out, your baby could pick you out of a lineup and would choose you every time.

3: Your Baby is stinking rich. Each ounce of breast milk that your baby is consuming is worth approximately $4.00 per ounce. Imagine all the money he is taking in each day and for the length of time they are breastfeeding. He is literally a money sucker! And if you’re one of those moms that breastfed your baby until they were like four, cha ching! Investing in their future is worth every ounce.

If you’re breastfeeding, talk to your friends; let them know what your baby is worth month to month. They will be amazed!

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