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Most people think that their blood sugar is fine as long as they don’t have a chronic illness, but high blood sugar may damage your blood vessels, making it harder for vital organs to get the blood they need. That may lead to an increased risk of a variety of health ailments.

If you’re anything like me, you want to do everything you can to avoid those issues. StrictionD may be able to help you control your blood sugar readings with two easy capsules taken daily.

As A Busy Mom, This Is Why I Use StrictionD

StrictionD is one pill containing five powerful active ingredients, making it easy for me to fit it in around packing lunches, laundry, soccer games, and cooking dinner. I also like how every ingredient serves a unique function to help manage my blood sugar levels.

The first ingredient is Ceylon Cinnamon, the only type of cinnamon that may improve your body’s ability to metabolize carbohydrates. Unlike the cinnamon in your spice rack, Ceylon Cinnamon contains no coumarin, a compound that becomes toxic at high levels. This makes it safe to take every day without regard for adverse side effects.

Another compound called CromineX3+ may improve insulin sensitivity by as much as 17 percent. This may help your body regulate its own blood sugar level to support health.

A proprietary extract of the banaba leaf plant called GlucoHelp may provide a blood sugar reduction of up to 30 percent, making it a powerful addition to the StrictionD formula.

Zinc is also included in StrictionD because it is the raw material the body uses to produce insulin. If you have more zinc, it’s possible that you may have more insulin and less blood sugar.

Finally, thiamine promotes the complete digestion of carbohydrates to limit the amount of blood sugar in your body.

Reviews I Trusted

Science is great, but I’m the type of person who checks the reviews before I purchase anything. StrictionD was no exception, and I found a bunch of positive reviews online. For example, noted that StrictionD has no adverse side effects when taken as directed, immediately resolving one of my biggest concerns with any pill. provided some statistics on auxiliary benefits of StrictionD in their recent review. According to one recent study, StrictionD users experienced a 23-30 percent reduction in their triglycerides, 12-26 percent reduction in bad cholesterol, and an 18-29 percent improvement in blood sugar readings. That’s pretty good!

Finally, noted that StrictionD may have antioxidant properties in addition to its other benefits. Some users also report lower blood pressure readings too, according to their review.

How Did StrictionD Work for Me?

I am proud to say that my results have echoed the reviews above. My blood sugar is under control, and my physician is pleased with my progress. Of course, everybody responds to StrictionD differently. While I have seen great results, your results may vary.

Where Can You Find StrictionD?

StrictionD is available for purchase online on both the product’s site ( as well as its manufacturer’s website, It costs $53.59 per 30-day supply, but you can get a better price with the 180 Day Protection Plus Package for just $159.30. Finding deals is something of a hobby of mine, so I place the bulk order whenever possible.

StrictionD has really helped me manage my blood sugar, and I think it may help you as well. Why not find out today?


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