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While you may be seeing siphon coffee available at more and more specialty coffee shops, the concept of vacuum coffee makers actually dates back to the mid-1800s. Many coffee experts consider siphon coffee the pinnacle of flavor, yet most people are not familiar with the process.

To give coffee lovers a primer on siphon coffee, the team behind Siphonysta, a new siphon coffee system, has developed a list of Five Things You Didn’t Know About Siphon Coffee.

The Latest Coffee Craze – Five Things You Didn’t Know About Siphon Coffee

1. Siphon Coffee is Almost 200 Years Old – The Siphon was invented by a German named Loeff in the 1830s. It is now a very popular coffee brewing device widely used in Asian countries with booming interest in America.

2. The Pinnacle of Coffee Flavor – The Siphon has a unique ability to pull out the distinct flavors in the coffee bean will maintaining the richness that you typically expect in your cup of coffee. It essentially carries the best of both worlds between the pour over and a French press.

3. Brewing Siphon Coffee is an Amazing Visual Experience – Siphon coffee machines, including Siphonysta, delivers the ultimate luxury coffee experience with its unique transparent cylinder design and visually stunning brewing method. The science behind siphon coffee creates an unexpected display of physics via rising/falling coffee and hypnotizing bubbles.

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4. An Unmatched Coffee Aroma – Coffee lovers know that there is nothing like the smell of freshly brewed coffee, whether at home or at a coffee shop. Because using the Siphon technique takes time means that the aroma has more time to deliver an unparalleled coffee-scent.

5. The Perfect Cup Each Time – Siphonysta uses steam to evenly saturate the coffee grounds in an instant which releases the full flavor of the beans. After steaming, the Siphonysta stirs the grounds which extracts the strength of the beans.

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The coffee delivers a remarkably smooth, full-bodied, crisp, clean, rich flavor. With no paper filter, the coffee’s natural aromatic oils pass into your mug, producing a lively aroma profile and smooth body.

See Siphonysta in action and learn how Siphon coffee makers work!


Photo by Drew Coffman on Unsplash


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