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Regardless as to whether you have a newborn baby on your hip or are the parent of a high school senior, kids require time and energy. The best way for parents to manage their time is with schedules. So if you work with a company that enables you to schedule time off for your daughter’s soccer game one week and then allows you to sign-up for overtime, you have a really good thing going. For one reason or another, you may still be inclined to making a career change during your children’s formative years. First, you should go to and see what different kinds of career paths you may be qualified to pursue. Since knowing is half of the battle, it is best to be incredibly well prepared before you make a major career change when you are a full-time parent.

You Could Experience a Temporary Loss in Pay

Say that you have worked as an office administrator for the last decade and you’ve been with the same employer for five years. If you were hired earning $35,000, and you have gotten a pay increase of $3,000 annually, you might currently be earning a cool $50,000 a year. With very few exceptions, making a change in careers after being so solidly established in a different area of expertise will likely lead to a loss in pay. In other words, if you go from working as an office administrator to managing a restaurant, you will probably earn a smaller paycheck. Be certain that making a career change is worth it if it is going to impact your finances.

Your Kids May Not Like It

Many parents make major career changes because they want to be able to spend more time with their kids. If you currently work on the weekends you might find that a 9-to-5 weekday position is more feasible for you and your loved ones. Parents who work regular business hours often long for more flexibility, especially when it comes to attending school events. Even though you might be antsy to change your work schedule, your kids have probably grown very used to your regular work hours. Get their input before making a career change that might also affect their extracurricular activities and social life.

There Will Be an Adjustment Period

If you go from working full-time to part-time, from working in an office to working from home or just get hired on with a company that affords workers a better work-life balance, things will feel very different in the beginning. You and your kids might have a different early morning routine, a babysitter may need to be hired for afterschool care, or you could be around more than ever before. Be open to change and your newest career choice will be well accepted.


Making the decision to go into a whole new career could be an incredibly good thing for all members of your immediate family. Although some adjustments will need to be made, your children won’t be upset about seeing their parents more often or having a bigger allowance. Consider the variables listed above and more before you head into a new career.


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