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Believe it or not, the viruses that are associated with communicable diseases are spread throughout school and daycare settings. This means that it will be nearly impossible to keep a baby or child healthy when they are enrolled in these facilities. However, as a parent, it is up to you to do whatever is necessary to protect your baby from exposure, but you should still be prepared for frequent illness, such as a cold, flu or ear infection. Below, you will discover several tips on keeping a baby healthy at daycare.

Antioxidant Super Foods

Antioxidants are considered to be one of the most powerful natural or manmade substances capable of boosting the immune system. You can find these substances in a wide variety of foods and over-the-counter supplements. However, as a parent, you will want your child to receive the daily recommended number of antioxidants from a natural such, such as fruits and vegetables. If you are dealing with a picky eater, you find it extremely difficult to encourage them to eat green veggies. Ask any child what they think of a pod of broccoli and they will tell you that it looks like a tree and not very tasty.

The key to getting a child to eat their vegetables and fruits, parents have to get creative. A spoonful of veggie or fruit dip will do the trick because children enjoy finger foods and dipping. Just make sure the dip is flavorful and able to mask the strong tastes of the vegetables. You can also try playing children songs mum mum TV during mealtime.

Keep The Child At Home When They Are Ill

Most parents that send their children to daycare work a full-time job. So, when their child gets ill they will often give them some Tylenol and take them to daycare anyway. While this will work in your favor, it will put the other children in the daycare at risk of becoming exposed to the virus that is plaguing your child. This cycle continues to evolve, which is why daycare settings are filled with germs. Keep your kids entertained at home by playing them the Row Row Row Your Boat song.

Hand Washing

As you likely already know, failing to wash your hands could lead to serious repercussions. You could wind up with a serious illness! With this in mind, you should instill this habit in your children’s mind. If you intend to send your child to the daycare, you should make sure he or she is aware of the importance of washing their hands on a regular basis. Simultaneously, it is equally important for the daycare workers to wash their hands on a regular basis. This will decrease the spread of bacteria and germs while decreasing the likelihood that your child will become ill.


In the past few years, vaccinations have become a hot topic. Nevertheless, these shots are capable of helping your toddler fight off specific illnesses and diseases. Speak with your doctor and allow him or her to tell you about the pros and cons of vaccinations. Once you have, you’ll agree that getting your child vaccinated is most certainly a good idea. Make sure that your child’s vaccinations are up to date. Simultaneously, you should also consider getting him or her a flu shot each year. Both actions will decrease the potential that your child will become sick at school or daycare.


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