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The trend of signing up for a Baby Registry online has been the rage for a few years now. New moms, who have used a Baby Registry for making an online gift list to be shared with their friends and relatives, highly recommend other moms-to-be to sign up for one.

The whole idea of an online Baby Registry may appear new and complicated to you initially. But once you get the list started, you’ll find most of your baby shopping pretty much sorted. Let’s share some simple tips to get you started off on the right track!

1. Research, research and research well

Exploring a baby store for the first time can be an overwhelming experience for a mom-to-be. With thousands of products and varieties out there, you might find that you want everything or you may be confused as to whether you’re really going to use so many things.

Meticulous research before you set out to create your Baby Registry will help you make informed decisions. Compare products for prices, features and quality. With enough information at your disposal, you can thoroughly enjoy the experience.

2. Don’t overlook the reviews and ratings

We all agree that baby products are very attractive (you can swoon over their cuteness). Many products claim to be revolutionary and life-changing for new moms, but we suggest that you shouldn’t just keep the retailer’s product information as your guide. Go the extra mile and check any reviews and ratings you can find online of the products you want. You can also seek the opinion of other moms such as mom bloggers as well as friends and relatives who may have used these products before.

3. Include items in a wide price range

When creating a Baby Registry, try to include items from a wide price range. It’s obvious that people who plan to give you gifts will have different budgets. Some of your friends may decide to buy a more expensive gift together rather than give individual gifts. Including a decent variety in the Baby Registry will give more of a choice for their purchases.

4. You can add experiences or cash vouchers too

Don’t limit your Baby Registry to just baby products. Registries allow you to add experiences and cash vouchers to your registry too. You can add a subscription for a mom-and-baby yoga class or a baby photoshoot and similar experiences to the list. The cash vouchers can come handy when you need some cash fund for more expensive purchases that they may not be able to purchase for you. However, cash vouchers make it easier to ask for help from friends and family.

5. Choose your registry wisely

Choosing the right registry for your baby gifts is just as important as choosing the products for your gift registry. Registries with smart features are incredibly useful. A great place to create a Baby Registry is on which is the largest Universal gift registry platform that allows you to add items from any store in the world. They also allow you to sync gift registries that you might have created through retailers such as Target, Buy Buy Baby, Amazon, etc. to combine them all onto a single list that can make the whole experience hassle-free for you. MyRegistry provides so many different features that will come in handy for any parent when managing their Baby Registry.

Make sure to check out MyRegistry’s app which lets you scan items onto your online registry when shopping in-store as well as their cash gift fund option.

6. Select your priority items

It is also advisable to mark some of the items you want to have before the baby arrives as “priority” in the gifts list. Items for the nursery, for instance, are better to be received earlier so that you can have the nursery completed in time.

7. Don’t forget you can also buy off the registry

A registry will show you the items that have been already bought for you and those that still remain. You can choose to buy these remaining items yourself. This is a perfect solution to getting everything you want from your newborn must buy list.

Don’t forget to check out to start your Baby Registry today and follow these tips to make your baby shopping experience easier!


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