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Hi Mommy,

Can you believe the summer is over? Trust me, I didn’t really notice it was coming to an end already. I was too busy enjoying my time with you. I loved getting to see you a little longer every day. Even when you had to work, I still liked being able to wake up and know you picked someone great to watch me. Or camp. Camp was fun!  I know, sometimes I’m a bit demanding- asking for the same thing 100 times, refusing to eat it once it’s presented and telling you how bored I am even thought I have every toy under the sun and a whole backyard to play in. I promise I wasn’t really bored, you did a great job this summer. Just like every summer. I just don’t really know how to tell you that. And when I get uneasy, I tend to take it out on you. Sorry.

So here’s the thing… I’m a little nervous about school starting. I know I “met-my-teacher” last week, but I was a little in shock, honestly.

What if I forget her name? What if I call her mom?

What if I can’t find my seat- I can’t read yet, you know.

What if my one-friend-from-the-pool doesn’t get to sit next to me?

What if my teacher asks me my letters? I don’t know all of them, but I know most, except that circle one with the funny line… or the backward squiggly ‘P’. Oh yeah…Q… ugh. Q.

Oh YEAH and what about lunch? You’ve been making my lunch for years! Now I have to get it myself? I can hardly carry a cup of milk across the kitchen without an escort, what am I supposed to do with an entire tray?

Umm, one thing, can I have Velcro shoes? I can’t tie yet and it keeps me from playing right-away at recess. I’m missing precious playtime. Like 12 whole seconds! Can’t have that.

OH! I hear they take my crayons… all of them. Then they dump them into a big bucket on the table… how do I know which one is mine?

I am excited about scissors; I’m going to cut all the things. Maybe even a shirt or two, but it’ll be an accident… even if it is a perfect circle. I’m just really good at accidents. Don’t be mad, okay?

Now here’s the hard part. I know your secret. Yep, that secret. No, Daddy didn’t spill the beans.

You’re conflicted. It’s okay.

On one hand, you’re doing somersaults, planning coffee dates and looking forward to all of the quiet time you’ll have while I’m off filling my little brain with necessary stuff. I don’t blame you. I take a lot of work some days.

On the other hand, you’re a little sad. In a few days, maybe a week, you’ll notice that it’s a little quieter and that the toys stay away during the day and that somehow the granola bars have stopped disappearing at such a quick rate.

You’re worried that I won’t make friends or I’ll use my big mouth to share that one word Daddy says I shouldn’t use in polite company. You’re right, I’ll use it, but we’ll get through it. Oh, and I’ll make plenty of friends, but I won’t remember their names, or tell you much of anything about my day. Not because I don’t like it, but because I just can’t remember.

So, when I come home this first week. I’m going to be exhausted and probably a little cranky. It may be rough getting me into a new routine, but we can do it. You can do it. Just stick to the plan. I’ll play my part, you’ll play yours and together, we’ll enter another school year.
For better or for worse, bring on the learning.

Oh and don’t let Daddy play with all of my toys. He says he does when I leave. I’ve hidden my favorite Legos under your bathroom mat. Enjoy.

I love you, Mommy.

Your Favorite Kid

To my teacher-friends and mommy-friends and all those in between. Good luck with the start of a new school year!

Be Great,

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