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NOTE: This incidence happened last week. First I thought I would write a regular post about it, but eventually, when I started typing, this is what it transformed into. And as embarrassed as I am about writing sloppy poetry, I hope this serves as a reminder for all of us, parents, to remember and cherish the wonderful childhood years of our kids and leave some of the chores for later.

Today I Did Not Parent

I had mountains to move
And things to get done,
Shopping lists to tick
And cleaning I should’ve begun.
I’ve no clue where the hours went
Today I did not parent.

You asked me to play
But I told you to wait.
You were patient for a while
Before leaving me to my frenzied state.
You asked me to read a book.
I wish I had listened
But I didn’t grant a second look,
Damn chores had me imprisoned.

Yet your childhood innocence
Forgave me without holding a grudge,
But your imploring eyes were not enough
For me from my post to budge.

I watched you play alone
Through the corner of my eyes.
It did not take me
Even a nanosecond to realize
How you missed me
And needed me to be present
But sadly, today I did not parent.

You entertained yourself
And watched the world go by.
When evening shadows made me gasp
“How the time today did fly?”

My guilt was heavy, my duties undone,
A few tasks from my list crossed
Was it price enough
For this day to be lost?
But there was no room for discontent
It doesn’t matter if today I did not parent.

The last rays of sunshine
Gave me a chance for this day to salvage
“Maybe we could go to the park
And turn a brand new page?”

Your eyes lit up
And you were all set to go,
But in my hurry to make it right
I toppled over and twisted my big toe.
I sprawled on the floor, hurt and sad.
With a deluge of frustrated tears
That made me feel even more bad.

I was mad at this horror show
That I failed for you to prevent
Yes, I was a complete mess
No doubt, today I did not parent.

You watched me, alarmed
Unsure how to dry my tears.
Yet somehow you found the courage
And just like that, you grew beyond your years.
You hugged me and you kissed me
And rubbed ointment to soothe my foot.
Then you sang me a few songs
To make me feel all good.
You offered to call papa home
When I wouldn’t stop sobbing,
Then you gave me your favorite things
When I kept on blabbing.

I looked up to you,
Proud of the thoughtful person
Who gave up his favorite toys
And surely enough,
Step by step, I regained my poise.
This whole episode made me feel silly
But sometimes moms do need to vent
Yes, it is true
Today I did not parent.

At long last, we walked out the door,
You hopping gleefully with excitement.
I was grateful for the second chance
What if it was just a tiny fragment?

When it was time to cross the street
You held on to my hand.
My protective instincts surged up,
The mom in me was back in demand.
There was nothing more to bargain,
Nothing more that need be said
I had become a parent once again
with my son’s aid.


PS: When was the last time your children reminded you to “parent”? Don’t forget to share your views.

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  1. Such a powerful reminder to me…what parenting truly is…what we miss when we do not stop, when we are not present. Thank you for that heartfelt reminder.

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