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Setting up a great trade show booth requires a bit of creativity, a heady approach and some diligence. If you’re a fresh exhibitor, new to the concept, you should consider aspects like customer engagement, design ingenuity, promotional content and theme of your mega event. Your trade show endeavors find a success when you invest the right amount of funds, time and research to create a lasting impact. Additionally, you need to consider the following ideas to set up an amazing booth.

A Creative Design

In order to capture the attention of your visitors and potential customers, it’s important that you design your trade show booth to reflect the most creative and unique design elements that are impactful and attention-grabbing. Since this is a business investment event to promote your company’s offering, the effort you put into the design ensures you get a standout promotional event all set to impress.

Choose The Right Accessories

Depending on floor design plan and the space available for display, ensure you make the right decisions when it comes to choosing trade show displays, marketing content, event activities and miscellaneous accessories. Whether you’re opting for a portable display or an island display, pay extra attention to its design and understand the best ways to promote the products and services. Expomarketing offers a plethora of display options which can be customized according to your design plan.

Include Customer Engagement Activities

If you want your trade show event to be a big success, plan innovative ways to spark the visitor’s interest. This way they’ll be more interested in getting to know about your products and special offerings. Fun activities like interactive games, trivia, contests with prizes and video sessions are a great way of keeping your customers involved in the booth. Make certain, the activities are creative and fun to participate in. You can also include snacks, cool takeaways, and discounts at the booth. This will certainly have people flocking over to your display area.

Use Technology

While staying active on the social media platform and posting updates about the event are productive practices to boost customer interest and build loyalty, the use of technology takes this a step further and add more finesse. Employ Proximity marketing, digital signage, gaming apps and interactive touch screens to add more ingenuity and efficiency in your exhibition. People like using interactive tech gadgets like travel apps, gaming apps, and touchscreens, so make sure your event design includes these items to better promote your company’s merchandise.




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