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It is a happy occasion when a new bundle of joy enters your life, especially if this new baby belongs to someone who is near and dear to you. When a member of your circle of friends and family becomes a new parent, everyone wants to celebrate. It is natural to focus solely on the baby, but it is important to spare a thought for the parent. Giving birth to their first child can be both exciting and scary. They are now responsible for a tiny baby, and with the duties that come with having a newborn, they are probably more exhausted than ever. Here are a few thoughtful gift ideas that are great for both parents and newborns.

The Gift of Time

If your loved one is having a hard time adjusting to life as a new parent, give them the gift of time. Simply showing up and helping out around the home can be priceless for a struggling parent. From doing the laundry to cleaning the floor, there are plenty of chores that you can help with. Not only will this type of gift let them know that you care about them, but it will also help put their mind at ease as they will worry less about staying on top of housework as well as looking after the baby. If you are comfortable with caring for a new baby, you can offer up your services as a babysitter too. Your loved one will appreciate the time apart from their newborn and can take the chance to get some much-needed rest.

A Baby Mobile

A high-quality crib mobile can be a godsend to new parents. A crib mobile, also known as a baby mobile, is an accessory that hangs over the cot. It offers stimulation for newborns and can help babies develop motor skills. Furthermore, it can relax babies and help them achieve a peaceful night’s sleep. In turn, parents will benefit from more rest too. Baby mobiles come in a range of designs. They often feature cute plush toys, while musical baby mobiles deliver soft tunes that can lull babies to sleep.

Clothes in Different Sizes

Baby clothes are a classic gift for parents. Not only are the tiny size of these garments incredibly cute, newborns grow extremely quickly, which means they go through a lot of clothes as they get older. Purchase your loved one baby’s clothes in different sizes to ensure they have something to wear as they grow.

Homemade Meals

New parents are often more preoccupied with their baby’s health than their own, which means they either forget or lack the time to care for themselves. Make sure your close one is healthy and well by preparing nutritious homemade meals for them. A delicious hot meal is a welcome gift if they’ve been skipping meals or filling themselves up with junk food.

A Gift Experience

A special treat that’s just for your loved one can make a huge difference in their mental and emotional well-being. For instance, a voucher for a meal for two can make new parents feel like themselves again, while a spa day will help them unwind and de-stress.


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