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Veganism has grown in popularity over the past decade. Alongside the increase in the number of people choosing to eat a plant-based diet, there has been a huge increase in the availability of vegan foods and drinks.

From ‘fake meat’ burgers to non-dairy hot chocolate, here are some of the top vegan foods and drinks that are delicious and healthy.


You might think that transitioning into veganism means leaving your beloved chocolate behind. But this is definitely not the case! Nowadays, many chocolate-based products get their flavor from cacao. Cacao is obtained from a tree of the same name. Compared to cocoa, it has a slightly bitter taste but this is unnoticeable in most cacao products available in shops today.

You can buy cacao nibs to use in baking, cacao-based chocolate bars to snack on, or cacao powder to mix with water or non-dairy milk to create a delicious brewed cacao drink.

Soy-meat Burgers

Even just a few years ago, the burger options for vegans were pretty scarce. You were lucky if you found a bean burger on a restaurant’s menu or in the ‘free-from’ section of the store. However, nowadays, there are several meat-free burger options available from soy-meat ‘beef’ to fake chicken.

Although burgers or not known to be an extremely healthy food to consume, vegan burgers contain lower amounts of saturated fats compared to meat-based alternatives.

Vegan Milk

From oat to almond to cashew, there is no shortage of choice when it comes to dairy-free milk. Each one has its own unique and delicious taste, so find one that excites your tastebuds to use in cereal and hot drinks.


Falafel is predominantly comprised of chickpeas and spices. They are a healthy option to include in your lunches or dinners. They look and taste incredible inside a pitter bread or as part of a colorful salad bowl.


Avocado is the epitome of the vegan diet. Click on any vegan cooking website, and the first recipe you see is bound to contain this green fruit. Avocados are packed full of healthy fats and essential micronutrients. They are a great way for vegans to meet their daily omega-three fatty acid requirements. Threw them into a salad or mash them up to eat on a piece of toast, and enjoy as part of a healthy breakfast or lunch.

Dairy-free Yogurt

With brands like Alpro and Oatly, vegans can now enjoy their daily dose of yogurt. Whether you want to enjoy your soy yogurt with a handful of granola or some summer fruits, you can easily find a pot in your local store. There are several flavors available, including plain, vanilla, coconut, and strawberry.


Tofu has been labeled the meat alternative to scrambled eggs. With its squishy, crumbly sort of texture, this is no surprise. From oven-baked to fried, you can cook tofu in so many different ways to create a variety of dishes, and it tastes great when combined with endless sauces and spices.

Tofu is packed full of protein and calcium, two nutrients that vegans often struggle to get sufficient amounts of in their diets.

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