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Every year, the top magazines issue what they think are their top trends based not only on what designers and manufacturers are doing but also by the sales from top companies. For the most part, many things are cyclical and will regularly go in and out of fashion, however, for those looking to be on point with the latest must wear, and must use, here are the top trends you need to think about in 2018.

Lavender or UltraViolet?

Many magazines are highlighting this year’s colour, but there is some debate about what colour that is. Most people are talking about ultra-violet, and it certainly seems that a lot of fashion houses are following that trend. However, there is also a lot of lavender shades going on this year, which has led to some thinking that this pastel shade could also be a hot trend in 2018. Lavender has played a big part in the recent fashion shows as well as weddings with pantsuits and romantic dresses both sporting this year’s alternative to pink.

Short Shorts

As unthinkable as it might be, this year sees the resurrection of the cycling shorts. However, this time, they are not the bright pink and yellow varieties that every cyclist was wearing in the eighties. Cycling shorts have become more subtle and sexy with light colours and lace being added to them. They are also being worn in many different circumstances such as underneath a ball gown. However, you decide to wear them; you are going to need some hard work at the gym to pull them off.

Bring the Resort Home

For those looking to have a little bit of their favourite holiday at home, there is a new trend that is becoming more popular this year. Pampering in the bathroom has never been more popular, and this has led to the spa-inspired bathroom such as you would find in the high-class holiday reports. Along with rattan and wicker furniture and plants, there is far more of a natural and rejuvenating feel to interior bathrooms this year.

Mixing Metallics

Metallics and metal finishes have always been fashionable, especially when it comes to tableware. However, the desire to mix metallics with other finishes has taken an extra turn this year. In particular, the theme of different finishes of cutlery has taken off in a big way. Many of the big grocery stores are now selling matt metallic gold, silver and even black.

Cardigans Capes

If there was one thing that has stayed in fashion in different idea styles is the humble cardigan. This versatile piece of clothing has gone through the chunky, thin pastel and now the alternative way of wearing them. If you are outside and it starts to get a little chilly, or if you are solving puzzles in a Cincinnati Escape Game, then you can quickly throw on your cardigan across your shoulders. If you accessorise it with a big broach fastened at the top, then you have certainly hit the fashion trend.

The Fifth Wall

Remember when jazzing up one wall was the new trend? It led to many homes going for one wall adorned with wallpaper alongside the other three in one shade to match. Now, there is another way to add a little colour and pattern to your home, the fifth wall. The new trend involves using your ceiling as another wall and putting the floral wallpaper up there to gaze at while laying in the bath or lounging on the sofa. The trend isn’t exactly new, with many homes adding chip wood wallpaper to their ceilings many years ago to add a little texture without the work of artexing. You can still see some fancy wallpaper on the ceilings of many public houses even today.

Tracksuit 3.0

Another piece of gym wear that is making a comeback is the tracksuit. However, these new designs are not the same as those worn by many physical education teachers over the years. The new designs now feature bright colours, such as grass green, with bold racing stripes of gold and sequins as the finishing touches. All you need now is some feminine bow-adorned pumps, and you have a complete look.

Statement Doors

The front of your home is what welcomes friends, family and strangers alike; it speaks a lot about you as a person and your fashion trends, that is why 2018 is the year of the statement door. The statement can be anything you want, it can be bright and bold, dark and mysterious, or even the distressed ‘shabby-chic’ style that was popular with furniture for the past couple of years. It means you can let your creative juices flow and design a door that is truly a bold statement. The other plus side is that anyone coming to visit won’t be able to mistake your home for all the others.

Ugly Shoes

From elf shoes to gumboots, there is a big footwear explosion of the ugly shoe in the most recent fashion shows this year. They are certainly making a big impression, and although they are probably seen as a bit of fun, there are those that will be selling these aesthetically displeasing shoes. If you want to be a trendsetter, then you should wear these shoes if you dare.

Domestic Dress

The London catwalks have decided that cleaning your house is the new Pilates, which will be pleasing to many people as they can get their exercise without having to change clothes. The new trend has seen yellow dresses more akin to marigolds, and Irish linen tea-towel tops and trousers. Is has been inspired by Christopher Kane who has found a new love affair with cleaning after getting a new puppy.

Fashion trends on the catwalks and in magazines are usually the extreme of what you will eventually find on the high street. However, their influence will no doubt be seen on in the big name clothing stores this year.


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