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Turkey in January, you ask?

Yess! Very, very cold turkey.

After the overindulgence or just pure gluttony over Christmas…..

Sorry let me actually rephrase that.

After the overindulgence or just pure gluttony over the last few months (because let’s be honest, it wasn’t just over Christmas, was it!), where every day was treat day, it’s time for change.

“Change?” I hear you ask. “But we are creatures of habit. We don’t like change.” That is very true so this is about breaking the cycle.

It’s a new year, new beginning. Time to be better.

I am not one for making New Year’s resolutions. But this year is different. After aforementioned 3 pregnancies in 5 years, followed by months of intense nurturing and sleepless nights, there was never much time for getting fit, getting healthier, or getting back in shape. It was time to pig out. Treat myself. Tiredness excuses everything. And after a long tiring day at home with the rug rats there was nothing as rewarding and relaxing as a glass of Red accompanied by a bag of whatever I could find in the larder press. Pretzels, Pringles, Nachos. You Name it. Sitting down after the kids had gone to bed, leaving out a big sigh and sipping on that glass of wine…That’s true well-earned relaxation. I see all you mamas nodding.

Being a thirty something now I am becoming more aware that my mother’s good genes aren’t forever going to save me from getting unfitter, unhealthier and that the mummy tummy has overstayed it’s welcome. So what better way to start a new year than with lots of promises and lots of pressure.

So I am going cold turkey in January. Boom!

No wine. No snacks. No chocolate and I even plan on doing some workout. (Anyone that knows me knows that I am as lazy as they come when it comes to working out. I’ll do three sit ups and feel I’ve earned myself a medal and a treat day.)

I am going to drink lots of water. And eat very consciously in the hope to shift some pounds, tighten up the mummy pouch and just feel better in myself. I can’t wait til Desmond, Eva, Frank and Gertrude and whoever has been causing havoc in Ireland have goofed off for once and for all, and I can start being active outside again tipping away in my garden. (It’s been a long wet winter so far)

So here is to a healthier, snackless, wineless January.

I think I’ve earned myself a glass of wine….em, tea,……I meant a cup of tea now….

Hm. Yummy nettle tea!


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