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Veggies have been shown to improve our intelligence and memory. So let’s put it to the test. Parents, take this quiz with your kids to see who has the super smarts when it comes to super foods!

By Heather Young

Not to knock the apple, but a better match for the teacher’s desk might just be a bouquet of spinach or a bundle of green beans.

Research indicates that veggies can improve our memories, moods and concentration. This is especially important for kids. Their brains are still developing and absorbing lots of education, both inside and outside the classroom.

Which got me to thinking: If veggies do improve our intelligence, then how smart are we about veggies? Let’s find out. The following quiz will test your veggie smarts. (Answers follow.)

1: How many servings of veggies should a school kid eat every day?

A) One pound

B) 2 to 3 cups

C) Five different veggies

D) Two handfuls

2: Which of the following veggies is also in the broccoli family?

A) Onion

B) Cabbage

C) Radish

D) Potato

3: Lycopene, an antioxidant in tomatoes, carrots and spinach, protects us from what?

A) Heart disease

B) Sun damage

C) Cancer

D) All of the above

4: Which “veggie” is technically a fruit?

A) Asparagus

B) Peas

C) Cucumber

D) Brussels sprouts

5: How many kids eat the recommended amount of veggies per day?

A) 10%

B) 25%

C) 52%

D) 80%

6: Which veggie carries the most calcium for good bone health?

A) Cauliflower

B) Collard greens

C) Celery

D) Beets

7: Which color of veggies should we eat the most of?

A) Yellows and oranges

B) Greens, they’re super

C) A mix of colors

D) Bright reds

8: Which veggie provides the most protein per calorie?

A) Broccoli

B) Kale

C) Mushrooms

D) Lima beans

9: Which veggie is known as the “crazy apple” to Italians?

A) Eggplant

B) Tomato

C) Sweet pepper

D) Zucchini

10: What nutrient gives carrots, sweet potatoes and other veggies their orange color?

A) Vitamin K

B) Lycopene

C) Folate

D) Vitamin A

Quiz answers:
1) B, 2-3 cups. This is for most boys and girls in school. Younger kids will require less, 1 to 2 cups.
2) B, cabbage. Both cabbage and broccoli, as well as kale and turnips, are members of the cole family and descendants of wild cabbage.
3) D, all of the above. Lycopene also is known to prevent diabetes and eye-related illnesses.
4) C, cucumbers. They are a fruit, along with tomatoes, peppers and squash, because they have seeds.
5) A, 10%. More than nine in 10 kids did not consume the USDA-recommended amount of veggies from 2007 to 2010.
6) B, collard greens. One cup of cooked collard greens offers 268 mgs of calcium, or 27% of the recommended daily value.
7) C, a mix of colors. Each veggie color represents a different set of nutrients, so eating a rainbow will ensure a healthier, more balanced diet.
8) C, mushrooms. While all options provide protein, mushrooms offer the highest amount per calorie – 1 gram for every 7.2 calories.
9) A, eggplant. Italians believe that if someone eats too much eggplant, he or she will become mad. We’re just mad about its nutrition.
10) D, vitamin A. Beta-carotene, a form of vitamin A, is good for our eyes and immune systems.

 Quiz results:

8 to 10 correct: You are a Broc-Star! Keep eating your veggies, and share this quiz with others so they can learn about vegetable nutrition.

5 to 7 correct: You’re an aspiring veggie scholar. Learn one new fact about veggies each day, and you’ll make Broc-Star status in no time!

0 to 4 correct: You have much to learn, but that’s OK. Education is fun! Explore online and read cookbooks to learn how veggies can brighten your meals and improve your health.


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