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When I had my daughter five years ago, I told myself that I’d always have my long layered hair with highlights maintained. Surprisingly, five years and two kids later I’ve lived up to that promise. My husband has been very supportive in allowing me to go to my regularly scheduled hair appointments. He definitely should win an award for that.

(Here is a great picture of our family last month at the Disneyland 60th Diamond Celebration. You can see here how long my hair was.)

However, after having my son and realizing I had been wearing my hair up more than I had down I was wanting an intervention. The infamous question crossed my mind as I looked into the mirror one morning while getting ready. “Should I cut my hair?” Hey, a new look sounded like fun right? I quickly pulled out my phone and went on my Pinterest app looking for a cute cut. I found a picture of a hairstyle that looked stylish and wouldn’t make me look like I had a hard life. The husband just shook his head in sadness. His response was, “You really want to cut your hair?” To that I replied, “Yes, I have to do it while I have the willpower.”

It’s amazing how much courage and strength it takes to cut your hair. Of course it will grow back in time, but if it turns out awful you’re stuck with it. And there’s nothing you can do no matter how much hair product you put in it or how hard you try to straighten it out with a flat iron to make it better if it truly is awful.

So with that thought, I made the appointment to chop 7 inches off my hair one Saturday morning. My hairstylist even had second and third thoughts. She didn’t want to be responsible for my look of disappointment. As she snipped off inch by inch of my precious locks, I didn’t grow sad as I thought I would. Rather, I sat in the chair excited for change. The last time I had short hair I was probably in junior high. It was then while sitting in the hair styling chair that I felt the ends of my hair touch up above my shoulders. I knew I had done it; I officially had a Mom Haircut.

(The final result= The Mom Haircut)

As my stylist turned the chair around to reveal the final product, I closed my eyes in anticipation and counted to three. It was then when I opened my eyes that I screamed in excitement… ” I LOVE IT!” I went to work the next day, and expected my co-workers to think I was nuts for cutting off my long locks of hair, but I got nothing but kind words of excitement. So to this I say, a mom hair cut is the dreaded thought that every mother will go through one day. You can conquer your fear of the mom haircut by doing the following:

1) find a picture showing the exact haircut and style you want
2) have a hairstylist who is supportive and can literally replicate the picture
3) knowing your husband will still love you if you cut your hair.

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