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Most people see memes a nothing but entertainment, but did you know that memes could be used for marketing? As a matter of fact, memes can be surprisingly powerful advertising tools, even outperforming traditional methods minus the costs. But what exactly is meme marketing and how can you use them to advertise your business and products?

Broad Potential Reach

Memes are everywhere, and the relative simplicity and small file size means they’re shared far more often than content marketing pieces. They can go viral faster than a viral video and reach many more people. That’s one reason why they’re being harnessed for marketing purposes, for better and for worse.

You Can Capitalize on a Theme

With memes, you could end up capitalizing on a popular theme or story and use them to piggyback trends and cultural waves. When a new meme pops up, you can decide whether or not to try to appropriate it for your purposes and do so within minutes of discovering it. Making matters even easier is the fact that many meme generators tell you which memes are trending.

Then there’s the fact that memes by their very nature are already well suited for an emotional connection with the audience. They wouldn’t be in a meme generator if they weren’t already proven to be successful. Now all you have to worry about is the text and marketing channels.

The Cost-Benefit Analysis

One of the biggest benefits of meme marketing is the fact that it is one of the most cost-effective marketing methods out there. There are so many websites and free software tools available to create memes. And that’s aside from the ability to take an existing meme and inserting your marketing content before distributing it.

You can use the same text on different backgrounds or different text on the same backgrounds. You can try Rage meme faces, Spongebob and Kermit the Frog memes for free and literally try them all. Compare this to the cost of creating many different landing pages and optimizing them for search engines. Meme marketing is much cheaper, while it is just as easy to measure its impact.

Retention Is Higher

People give more attention to the funny, witty and insightful. Memes by their very design are supposed to be a quick read, so they’re more likely to be read when seen. Make it funny or witty, and your content will be well-remembered. This means you’ll make a deeper mark with the audience than the article they just skim read or the infographic they glance at before forgetting.

You can put the meme in your own blog to capture the reader’s attention, too, in addition to putting it on social media. Now you know it is seen and potentially shared even when the meme itself doesn’t spread very far. When it is seen again by the reader, you again create a deeper connection through the repetition.


Meme marketing is easy, cheap and straightforward and they’re already proven to work while potentially putting your content in front of millions of new customers.


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