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Hunting is an age-old tradition and something that is natural to all humans. Although the number of men who are hunting has declined in many years (and the generations who are doing the hunting are older), there are still many men across the western world who do so on a regular basis. Many times deer hunting, for example, is a way for your husband to not only bring back meat for the family, but also get in touch with his primal roots.

This is a perfect opportunity for mothers to also get in touch with their feminine side and do things that might be more primal as well. Many women who have husbands that hunt find themselves waiting around for them to return rather than putting into practice things that might grow the relationship to themselves, to other women, and their children.

#1. Women Circle – from an evolutionary perspective, many women spent time back in a tribal village together. While men would sometimes go out solo to hunt big game, the women would stay back at the camp and spend time connecting with one another.

Today the hunt of our husbands may look a lot different. They may go out with friends and use a compound bow instead of a primitive one, but the result is the same thing. The women are able to get together with friends, connect about things that are important to them, and make strides towards a deeper sense of community.

#2. Stay Close to Babies – children in our ancestral days were the primary concern and they spent a lot of time with their mothers. Today this isn’t always the case. Many women have full-time jobs and professions that preclude them from spending much time with their children.

This can be a real travesty for the psychology and development of a child. If you are a mother and have the time while a husband is away, try to prioritize spending time with the baby (or older child) during this period.

#3. Give Him Space – Both males and females need space. In fact, all humans need space to be alone, be with one’s own thoughts, and develop individually. It is a basic human need, just like affection and physical touch.

When your husband takes the time to go hunting, there is a good chance he does so for his own clarity, the wide open spaces, the commune with nature, and much more. For many men, hunting is a very spiritual hobby and giving him space to do his own thing will probably create a stronger sense of connection and love when he returns.


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