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Tracking down quality child care for your kids is always at the top of your list as a parent. You want only the best for your little one and so you want as much assurance as possible that your child will be happy. You also want to know the centre will provide the environment, tools and teaching to enable your child to thrive.

This article will help you gain some clarity and direction when searching for high quality child care near you. If you are based in Sydney and are on the search, it’s good to read this article to find out what you need to search for and questions you should ask when visiting centres. This way you can find the best child care in Sydney.

Beginning Your Search

As you know, whether it’s preschool or kindergarten, there is a lot to consider when making a decision. As early stage education is so crucial to your child’s development and later-life success, you want to make the right choice.

A child care centre is a great choice. Instead of dropping your child off at the babysitters where they will play with toys and watch TV, a centre provides much more. It’s a safe, nourishing environment where children learn key skills in a fun yet engaging way.

What should you keep a look out for?

When you have chosen your top 3 child care centres for example, you will want to go on visits. When attending, you should get clear in your mind what you want to see to be impressed with the standards.

A few things you can quickly gage on your initial visit:

  • Are the teachers actively participating in the child’s play? Whilst it is an effective way for children to learn, it must be supported by teachers in a way that is suitable for their age.
  • Do children look happy and engaged with what they are doing?
  • Is there a creative, rich learning environment being created which challenges children? A child care centre should be a stimulating place where kids react positively to the activities at hand.

How can you tell the children are happy?

A great way to gage how well kids are enjoying their learning process is seeing whether they are involved with the play. You can see the adults are helping them along the way without giving them all the answers. This way they can explore but not endlessly and without cause.

Basic Requirements To A Great Child Care Centre

Develop this checklist to make sure the centre meets your needs:

  • The basics should be met: this includes a safe and hygienic environment, staff who are fully trained and qualified and an official programme/curriculum.
  • Look at how other kids are acting and behaving in the centre
  • Are the children getting the best nutrition?
  • Evaluate the centre’s approach to learning and what you really want for the play-based curriculum

When is the best time to start looking?

It’s really down to how you feel as a parent. Some drop their children off at infancy and some wait a little later until the child and parents have formed a stronger bond.

Considering all the above factors and doing your own research will help you choose the best place possible for your child.


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