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As exhausted parents, we can’t wait for our kids’ bedtimes to arrive any faster. We look forward to it like some trophy at the end of a day of hard labor. It’s our kid-free time and we want to make the most of it! But the moment the kids are asleep, we start missing them and can’t stop talking and thinking about them.

So here’s one set of typical things that I do as a parent while sonny is off to dreamland. Enjoy these random musings!

While you were sleeping…

  • …I quietly pried myself away from your tight bear hug. I sneaked out of the room, tip toeing all the way, like we practiced during play time today.
  • …I did a happy jig because it was my alone time, at last.
  • …I made myself a leisurely cup of tea and sipped it calmly; you were not there to demand a taste or to keep dipping the tea bag in it long after it had served its purpose, just for fun! I kind of missed the urgency that your presence dictates to my tea/coffee breaks. I am used to it by now.
  • …I browsed through the newspaper on my phone, the news was mostly junk; I wondered why the hell do I even bother. Perhaps it is time for me to change the app to a better news vendor (know of any?)….may be I will figure it out tomorrow.
  • …I caught up with social media…didn’t like another stereotypical and biased article on “Career and Indian women”; I have always maintained that it is a personal choice for the woman herself and her family involved, just like any other collective decision made as a family, for the family; like moving to a new place or changing jobs or getting suitable healthcare etc. Who are we to pass judgement or say which is the right way to do it? Is there any right or wrong in this at all? Anyway, it messed up my mood a little…someday I will write a retaliatory piece perhaps or maybe I will just let it go, I have better things to do with my time. I dunno, I’m still mad, but let’s see…only time will tell.
  • ….I switched on the TV and automatically tuned it to Nick Jr. I laughed a little, realizing the goof up, but didn’t bother changing it back to a “grown up” channel. My mind had already drifted to some other direction and the TV just played on as background noise. Today, I avoided getting sucked into the idiot box. Today I decided I did not have the luxury of a couple of hours to kill (Barry Allen will have to wait till the weekend!).
  • …I fed your pet fish and marveled at their beauty and how they have grown over the last year. I felt proud to have succeeded in keeping them alive till now 🙂
  • … I replayed the day’s events in my head and analyzed and re-analyzed everything, tossing it around and looking at it from all vantage points, just like I have done every single day of my life (Introverts are weird that way…we need our processing time!)

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