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Buying presents for our mothers is always an extremely difficult task; we tend to know them inside out, are aware of what they like and dislike, of their habits and preferences, and of the things that they pay attention to. In spite of knowing so much about them, however, buying them presents, no matter what the occasion is, turns out to be a daunting task that requires a whole lot of thinking. Here are a few gift ideas for those of you in a gifting slump and are in need of an idea or two.

1. A Tote Bag

Whether the one your mother is using is old and frayed and desperately needs replacing, or she’s missing a bag for a particular kind of occasion, a new tote bag would make a really nice addition to her wardrobe. Whether it’s a leather bag for formal purposes or a simple cloth one that she can carry to the market, a tote bag can be a good option for you.

2. A Ring

Your mom may not be able to stop talking about how your dad knew the best place to buy diamond engagement rings when he set out to propose, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find her an equally meaningful ring that tells her how much she means to you. You can even find a way to inscribe a word or two on the inside of the ring to give it a more personal touch.

3. A Hair Styling Iron

Mothers can be very fashionable creatures by nature, and often end up rocking every outfit that they try on, often to our delight and surprise. If your mom is one of those women, giving her this styling iron to help her find the perfect hairstyle to go with those killer clothes will increase the brownie points you get from your mom.

4. An Air Fryer

Is your mom the healthy eating type, but still loves finding ways to make healthy food taste better? An air fryer will give her the opportunity to make fried food without to worry about too much absorption of oil. Crispy French fries and other fried foods were never this satisfying to make or even eat.

5. An Ergonomic Pillow

Moms are prone to aching necks and backs, so getting her one that comfortably holds them at night will let her get a good night’s sleep and avoid getting aches. She will thank you for being so thoughtful.

6. A Dutch Oven

These classy cooking pots will really up your mother’s cooking game by a few sizable notches, and this will make her feel incredibly happy if she’s the kind of person that absolutely loves cooking and trying out new things. One of these Christmas gifts might give you ideas on what to get your mom.

7. Potted Plants

Your mom might be feeling lonely if she lives in a home where all her kids have grown up and lead lives of their own outside. Encourage her to develop a green thumb with some seeds and some plant pots, or with a set of tiny succulents that she can take care of.

8. Clothes That She Loves to Wear

You can rarely go wrong with clothes. Take this opportunity to get her clothes that she loved to wear when she was younger and pair that up with an actual opportunity to wear them; take her out to a themed restaurant or party. And because a lot of new moms struggle to get back in shape and feel confident again, an abdominal binder for support and belly-shaping is a great option too.

9. A Subscription Box

This option is an extremely flexible one because there are so many different kinds out there and some of them have to be perfect for your mom. Whether it’s a beauty box, or one of self-care or of exotic snacks, you will be sure to find one that suits your mother’s interests.

10. A Suitcase

Getting your mom, a new and stylish suitcase will let her know you encourage her dream of traveling. You can even pair that up with tickets to a place she’s wanted to go all her life and a photo album for her to put in pictures of the trip.

One of these might be the perfect gift for your mom. Feel free to mix it up and get her a combination of two or more of these presents to make her day. She will love you all the more for it and you’ll feel good seeing a smile on her face.


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