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The DIY platform bed ideas that you see here will help you make your own bed, make something that is easy to sleep on and create a place to sleep that you can be proud of.  Use these tips with the idea that you need to be able to disassemble this bed if you ever move.  Each idea could bring your bedroom to life.

  1. The Tall Bed

This guide allows you to make a tall bed that will look great in your house.  You should choose something that is especially tall, and you will find that you could put a whole other sleeping space below the bed.  This is a great way to create storage, and it helps you have a bit of presence with your bed design.

  1. The Storage Bed

You could build a bed that allows you to slide across the containers so that they are not sitting on the floor.  They will hang from the rails that you set up under the bed, and this makes it possible for you to make different storage platforms that will help you keep things under the bed.  You could even make some storage cabinets that you can use, lock and open and close any time that you like.

  1. The Pet Bed

You can make a pet bed that has a place for your pet to rest during the day.  There are a lot pet spaces that you can create with a cage door that you might need so they can rest.  You could make a space that is big enough for the biggest dog in your family.  The pet bed is fun, and it is a nice conversation starter for the family.

  1. The Poster Bed

The poster bed has posts that allow you to hang curtains or shades that will make the bed more stylish.  The poster bed is fun to look at, and it is a great bed for you to use when you want to make the bedroom look as elegant as possible.  You should see if you can find the right posts so that you are going to use on your bed so that you do not need to whittle them yourself.  You should buy the posts, cap them with something you made, and adorn the bed in a way that is best for you.

  1. The California Bed

You can make a special bed that will fit the California King Mattress.  This is a special type of bed that you have to measure out carefully because they do not typically work very well when you buy them from a company.  You can cut this bed to fit the mattress better, and you can put all the accessories on it that you like.

  1. The Fun Bed

You can make a fun bed that has all your favorite characters or colors painted on the frame.  You can put some special hooks on the bed for storage, and you can turn the bed into a place that makes it easy to have a pillow fight because you made a headboard with extra storage space.

  1. The Foot Trunk

You can make a bed that has its own foot trunk.  You can build this right into the bed, and it could even slide out if you wanted it to.  The foot trunk is good for storage, and it is easy to lock.

  1. Headboard Storage

The headboard storage that you have created will sit in a box much like the older beds you remember from your grandmother’s house.

  1. The Nightstand Bed

The nightstand bed has the nightstands attached, or it has storage on the side of the bed.

  1. The Short Bed

You might want to have a short bed that uses a big base to make the bed look that much more exciting and brooding.

  1. The Flip Bed

You could make a platform bed that will flip bed into the wall, and you need to be sure that you have the right hinges and levers for the bed.

There are a lot of people who want to build their own beds, and you can work it out using these tips.


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