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Halloween is arguably one of the best holidays to try out new fun and spooky crafts.  Even people living in warmer cities, like Las Vegas or Miami, can still have fun and embrace the Halloween spirit when decorating their homes.  Here are 10 DIY decorations you can try this Halloween season!

Black Cat Pumpkins

This first craft is incredibly easy to make and will have guests and trick-or-treaters oohing and aahing at your creativity!  First, choose the pumpkins you’ll be using.  To create a catlike shape, you will need one large pumpkin (for the body), one medium-sized pumpkin (for the head), two smaller pumpkins (for the feet), and a slim zucchini or cucumber (for the tail).  Next, spray paint all of them black and arrange them to form the shape of a cat.  For ears, you can cut out pieces of black poster board and super glue them to the head of the cat.  Don’t forget to carve two eyes, pop a tealight candle in the head, and voila!  Place your black cat pumpkin on your front porch to greet visitors during the Halloween season.

Front Lawn Graveyard

Give your front lawn an extra dose of creepiness with a DIY graveyard!  For this craft, you will need large sheets of styrofoam, paint and spray paint (grey and black work best for painting tombstones), a permanent marker, and a serrated knife.  Start by cutting tombstone shapes out of the styrofoam sheets.  You can either freehand this or print out a template online.  Once you have your tombstone shapes, use a serrated knife to carve out what you want your tombstones to say.  Using humorous names, like “Myra Maines” and “Bea A. Fraid” is a funny way to lighten up the mood and have your visitors laughing.  Once you’ve finished carving your tombstones, paint them to your liking, let them dry, and stick them in your front yard to create a DIY cemetery.  You can even add spooky elements, like prop hands and feet sticking out of the ground, to spice up your graveyard even more.


Cauldron Candles

This one is for all you candle lovers out there!  To make this cute and spooky craft, head to your local craft or Halloween store and pick up some miniature cauldrons (just make sure not to use plastic, as they will melt).  Simply pop a tealight candle in each cauldron, and you’re finished!  For experienced candle makers, you can try preparing your own candle wax and pouring it into the cauldrons for a more unique look.  This craft is incredibly simple and only requires two supplies, making it a quick and easy project that you can finish in just a few minutes!

Soup Can Luminaries

This is another easy DIY project that will bring some glow to your home this Halloween.  For this craft, you will need empty tin soup cans (washed and dried, of course), a hammer, a large nail, paint, and tealight candles.  Start by tracing words or a design onto your tin can using a sharpie.  Then, using a hammer and nail, start punching holes into the can in the shape you just traced.  After you’ve punched all your holes, paint the can, wait for it to dry, and use a toothpick to unclog any holes that may have been sealed with paint.  Then, simply place a tealight candle in the can, and there you have it!  These soup can luminaries make great decorations for both inside and outside your house, and you’re sure to receive lots of compliments!

Candy Corn Pots

These cute and simple candy corn pots make great crafts for kids, as they require minimal materials.  For this project, you will need terra cotta flower pots (any size will do) and orange, yellow, and white acrylic paint.  You can either freehand paint or use painter’s tape to create perfectly straight lines.  Simply paint your pots in a candy corn pattern (yellow at the base of the pot, white in the middle, and orange at the top).  These pots are super cute and can be used in so many different ways.  For an adorable dining room table centerpiece, purchase some faux flowers at your local craft store and pop them in your candy corn pot for an instant conversation starter!

Creepy Hand Soap

Want to really creep out your guests?  Add some plastic creepy crawlies to your bathroom hand soap bottle!  Head to your nearest Dollar Tree and pick up a glass hand soap dispenser and some clear hand soap.  Then, choose some spooky Halloween items to add to the soap dispenser.  Small plastic spiders, eyeballs, and skulls are great for this craft.  Then, pour your hand soap and creepy crawlies to the soap dispenser, screw the pump back on, and get ready to hear your guests shriek when they use your bathroom!


Magic Potion Bottles

These magic potion bottles make the perfect spooky additions to any room in your house!  To make this craft, pick up some inexpensive glass bottles, spray paint, and any ribbon or decorations you may want to add to your bottles.  After spray painting your bottles, browse the web for some witchy-looking labels, print them out, and Mod Podge them to the bottles.  You can then decorate your bottles with faux cobwebs, plastic spiders, fake blood, etc.  These magic potion bottles look great in practically any room in your house, but work best in the kitchen and bathroom.

Halloween Garland

Homemade Halloween garland is one of the cutest ways to decorate your house this season!  To create your own garland, you will need some yarn or string and any decorations or fabric you want to add to your garland.  For example, if you want to create a pumpkin garland, you can purchase orange pieces of felt and cut out pumpkin shapes.  Once you have your desired shapes and decorations, lead them onto the string, secure the ends, and hang your garland!  This is a cute and easy craft that you can use to decorate any part of your home, like in your entryway, over the fireplace, or on the wall behind the bed!

Spooky Wreath

A wreath is a classic way to decorate your front door, and making your own wreath is sure to get you tons of compliments from visitors!  To make your own Halloween wreath, head to your local craft store and pick up a plain grapevine wreath.  Then, choose things you want to decorate your wreath with.  You can use ribbon, feathers, faux flowers, and other decorative pieces to complete your wreath.  This is a project that allows you to have complete creative freedom, so don’t feel the need to follow a tutorial step-by-step.  Once you have your finished product, place a wreath hanger on your front door, attach your wreath, and you’re done!

Paper Bag Luminaries

This last craft is pretty much as simple as it gets.  To create adorable paper bag luminaries, you will need brown paper lunch bags, stencils, scissors, and LED tealights.  Simply trace a pattern of your choice onto a paper bag, cut it out, and place an LED tealight inside.  These tend to look best in groups, so line your front walkway with these cute paper bag luminaries on Halloween night to help guide trick-or-treaters to your door!

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