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Lehengas are an Indian woman’s sure shot way to look gorgeous. It is the evergreen attire for special occasions and auspicious ceremonies. This traditional attire is an exquisite piece of garment that gives the wearer a queenly feel. Every girl has at least one of a kind Lehenga in her wardrobe that she absolutely loves to adorn on all her special occasions. However, buying a lehenga is an expensive affair. Unlike other Indian wears, purchasing a new lehenga for every occasion can burn a hole in your pocket. Worry not! You can create a new look out of your all-time favorite lehenga choli by simply changing the style of draping the dupatta.

Dupattas are the essence of all Indian dresses. It has the power to enhance the beauty of even simplest outfits. The right way of draping it can simply transform the look and elevate the charm of the lehenga. There are several ways to drape the Lehenga dupatta and look gorgeous. Here are a few classic and trending styles of dupatta draping that will make you outshine the crowd even in your old lehenga.

  1. Over the head: This is a traditional yet classy way of carrying your lehenga dupatta. All you have to do is simply take the dupatta on your head and let it fall at the back. Popular amongst brides, this style can make you look like an ethereal princess.
  2. Leave it open on the side:  This is a simple, easy breezy way to drape the dupatta. It looks great with heavily embellished dupatta and blouse and lets you flaunt the intricate work of the dress to the fullest.
  3. Casual Drape: For a more casual look, you can take your dupatta like that of a traditional salwar suit. Just let it fall on your shoulders at the back. This style looks best with sheer dupattas that let you flaunt your curves. Graceful yet simple, it’s the all-time favorite among women of all ages. Don’t forget to pin it on the shoulders, if your dupatta is too heavy. It will only make it easier to carry.
  4. Saree style drape: This is an elegant style of draping the dupatta, inspired by Indian woman’s love for saree. This is one of the most commonly used styles of draping the dupatta that gives you the feel of wearing a saree. All you need to do is just tuck one end of the dupatta inside the skirt from the back and take the other end to your left shoulder like a saree pallu. Now, you can even re-create your look with different saree style pallus.

Either you can take it on your head from the back or go for a more glamorous look with butterfly drape. After tucking the dupatta in your skirt, make thin pleats in the front and pin it on your shoulder. This is one of the most trending ways to drape the Lehenga dupatta for a bold look.

  1. Punjabi drape style: This is again a traditional style of draping but always looks stunning. Just pin your dupatta in a V shape in the front and give your lehenga a new look. If you are still looking for a new lehenga online, click here to buy lehenga online. Each outfit on this shopping portal is exclusively designed for all kinds of occasions.
  2. Belt up the dupatta: This is the newest trend in ethnic wear. Opulently designed belts or waistbands are taking over the world of ethnic wear. Tuck the lehenga dupatta in an intricately designed lehenga for an edgier look. A beautiful belt that complements your attire will complete the look and keep your dupatta in place as you enjoy the party. At the same time, this look works in favor of those who want to make their waist look slimmer.
  3. Cape it up: A very contemporary style of draping the dupatta is like a cape. Pin it up on both your shoulders and let it fall freely. This gives it a very modish look with a cape like an appearance to your dupatta. This is a hassle-free style that will let you make the most of your time without the worries of ruining your dupatta. For even more contemporary look, you can take an old dupatta and re-create a new look by getting it stitched into a cape. Make sure to opt for a sheer cape, they look absolutely extravagant.
  4. Royal style: There are a few styles of draping that are pure elegance. These styles add regal charm and an unmatched sophistication to the wearer’s personality. For the first look, simply make soft pleats and pin your dupatta on one shoulder and let the other end fall on your other hand. You can even tie the other end to your wrist. Another royal way to take the dupatta is to tuck it around your elbows from the back. This is a simple yet extremely magnificent way.
  5. Traditional Gujarati style: This one is classic and enhances the beauty of heavily embroidered dupattas and lehengas. It is undoubtedly, one of the most popular ways of draping the lehenga dupatta and it looks very graceful. This is simply the opposite of saree style pallu draping. Take one end from the back and tuck it in your skirt and make the pleats of the other end and pin it on the shoulder in a way that it falls forward freely.
  6. Double Drape: This is everyone’s favorite, especially the dupatta lovers. This trend has been here for a while and it seems it’s here to stay. If you want to take your fashion game to the next level and give your lehenga a majestic look, get yourself a second dupatta, either in contrast or the same shade. Draping two dupattas together look exquisite and add an extra oomph to your attire. While letting one dupatta fall freely on one shoulder, drape the other one across the length of your lehenga from the back and pin one end to the shoulder and the other end tucked inside your skirt. This look is never going to disappoint you and surely going to make heads turn. This look is for those who have a reputation of being flamboyant and love the attention.

These are few of the most loved styles of draping the dupatta that will make you look trendy and charming. Depending on the occasion you can choose the style and re-create your look. Lehengas online and in nearby store may not always fit your budget, however, an innovative way of styling up your attire can give you a swanky new attire.


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