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Running a successful business involves both inflow and outflow of cash. Making payments to vendors need to be done on time to continue their services. Paying vendors using checks is an easy method that does not include much effort. Businesses buy online overnight checks for offices and keep them at hand to complete the payment process. When you buy online overnight checks for offices that are pre-printed, they may be delivered to your doorstep fast. Instead of getting the pre-printed checks some businesses opt to buy blank check paper and get the checks printed in-house. Here are some reasons why businesses should print their own checks instead of buying pre-printed checks.

Ease of Printing

When you buy online overnight checks for offices that are pre-printed, then you might have to fill them manually. You can also use a printer to fill the check, but if the paper moves slightly, then the misplaced print can ruin the check. With blank check papers, you can use check printing software to print the check. The software takes care of filling the template and the details that you need to be printed onto the check.

You Have the Power

By getting blank checks to print out, you are able to have more control over the payment method. You can conveniently use software to print checks when you need. Accounting software, like Quickbooks, can help you manage bill and vendor payment data. You have the freedom to keep an eye on the payments and ensure that the payments are made on time.


Pre-printed checks come with your business bank account details. You need to provide information to the check printing business for them to print onto the check. If you do not want another business to have that information, printing your own checks make more sense.

Cut Out the Wait Time

There are many businesses which offer quick delivery of business checks. Going to the banks for pre-printed checks can take some time to get the checks delivered. Even the check printing companies that offer next day delivery for checks can take a few days to deliver Quickbooks compatible checks. You can bulk order blank check paper instead of having to wait for the pre-printed computer checks that you buy online. The businesses that offer the pre-printed checks also sell blank paper for your convenience.

Cheaper Alternative

Blank checks are obviously cheaper than pre-printed checks. When a check printing business takes the task of printing checks in bulk, they are going to charge you a hefty sum. But if you are ordering only the blank check

paper, you will not be charged for the printing cost. A single blank check paper can cost you around 5 cents while a single printed check can cost more than 50 cents. Since you will be getting them in bulk, blank checks will help you save more.

Ease of Setting Up

To print checks in-house, it does not take much setting up. Even if you buy online overnight checks for offices that are pre-printed, you need to have a printer to fill them up. You merely need a few things to print your own checks.

Getting blank check paper and printing them at your office, can be a more efficient payment method than filling pre-printed computer checks.





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