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The medical technology has seen impressive improvement over the years and surgical procedures are safer than ever. Post-surgical care is still necessary for effective results and speedy recovery. Even the minimally invasive ones require adequate and appropriate care and precautions. The same principle applies to plastic surgeries of all types. Whether you are going through a cosmetic procedure or a reconstructive one, you must be fully aware about post-surgical care. Here are some tips to help and get back to normal as soon as possible:

1.Follow the doctor’s instructions

Your doctor will have a list of post-op instructions that you must follow diligently. These include medications to be taken, follow-up visits and skin care regimen. Ask the doctor everything that you need to know and jot down the instructions so that you have everything sorted out.

2.Give extra care to your skin

Plastic surgery will leave some scars on your skin, which is the reason that you need to give it extra care. The surgery will cause swelling and redness for the first few days, though it will heal gradually with optimal care. Use mild and hypoallergenic products as your skin will be sensitized due to surgery.

3.Let the wound heal

Healing after surgery will take some time. You have to be patient and take it easy. There might be come itching and a temptation to peel off the scabs but you have to resist the feeling. Patients undergoing Atlanta plastic surgery will be given soothing ointments to accelerate wound healing. Make sure that you apply them according to the doctor’s instructions.

4.Give your skin sun protection

The first few days after surgery are critical and you need to avoid exposure to harsh sunlight during this period. Sun protection is required even after recovery because surgery is likely to increase its sensitivity. The doctor will recommend a sun protection cream to prevent any subsequent damage to the skin.

5.Eat a healthy diet

Having a healthy diet plan is an important part of recuperating from any surgery including plastic surgery. Therefore, you must ensure that you eat plenty of natural foods to provide you the essential nutrients for faster healing. Maintain a diet high in fiber, fresh fruits and vegetables. Avoid high-fat and processed foods.

6.Stay hydrated

Besides eating healthy, you must drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Not only does it rejuvenate your skin cells, but also speeds up the process of flushing out of harmful toxins from the body. It also replenishes the lost fluids and helps you regain your overall strength.

7.Avoid exercise

Staying active does bring you back on track but you should not overexert or do strenuous exercises until the doctor permits. Plastic surgery involves incisions and sutures that require an optimal time to heal. Overexertion puts you at the risk of damaging the wounds and resultant infections.

8.Keep your morale up

The scars and bruised appearance after the surgery may discourage you. However, you should keep your morale up as these will take time to clear up. Keep your mind open and do not expect perfection. Results will definitely come but at the right time.

9.Get adequate rest

Post-surgical rest is as important as taking the right diet and medications. Give yourself adequate time to recuperate before getting into the normal routine. Get optimal sleep as it will rejuvenate the skin and improve your immunity. Keep yourself positively occupied with relaxing activities such as reading and gardening. Take pain relievers to get rid of the pain so that you can relax.

10.Have your support system ready

Have a support system ready to help you physically and emotionally during the recovery phase. Ask a friend or family member to accompany you for the surgical appointment and also take care of you till a few days after surgery.

Being aware about these measures can help you recover faster and get optimal results from the plastic surgery. Being positive as well as realistic is also important.


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