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Blogging has gained substantial popularity in today’s world. People who are passionate about it are earning better than many conventional jobs. If you are interested in stepping into the creative field of blogging and making it big then no one can stop, you. The only main thing that is required is dedication. Rest of the technicalities and functioning can be learned. Here’s how to start that money-making blog.

1. Decide the Basics

Once you make your mind that you want to do this seriously, the first thing to do is forget about money, concentrate on running a popular blog. Start with deciding the basic details like how to bring about the blog, the technical stuff, getting a domain name and other key stuff. Always plan before taking the first step.

2. Pick A Blogging Platform

Content management system (CMS) is necessary to create and publish your blog on the internet, a platform to write and design your blog content. A blogging platform should be easy to use and have customizable basic functions like themes, uploading photos and videos etc. WordPress is a popular platform offering simplicity and accessibility.

3. Hosting

After CMS, you’ll need a website host which is basically an online storage center for your blog providing it a physical location on the internet so users can access it. It stores all the contents of your website. If you’ll be using WordPress consider Siteground or Godaddy for WordPress hosting.

4. Let’s Design!

Most people give up at the technical work stage, but if you’re through the above steps, then the hard part is over. Start designing your blog with a simple yet catchy theme, they should have responsiveness and plug-ins are also important. Take your time with this one.

5. Write Introductory Pages

Your blog will have some essential pages like introduction/about, location and contact info etc. Utilize the about page to your benefit, give a good introduction about what you do, what you want to achieve with the blog, why should people choose you etc. It will give you good base when you’re new.

6. Analytics System

An analytics system is useful to keep a record of your work and all the efforts that you’re putting like promotions on social media and if and where you’re getting visitors from. Google Analytics works great with WordPress. This may not seem important, but it will help you develop efficient strategies.

7. Start Developing Content

Once you are done with all the technicalities, start posting content. Remember, you won’t have much traffic at the start so don’t give out your best work but at the same time you need to generate traffic so don’t go too low either. Keep it moderate and move up to build audience.

8. Make Your Mark

Start focusing on the quality of your blog. As a viewer what would catch your attention? Incorporate that in your blog, make it happen, add relevant images and videos. If you have competitors then bring in something new and fresh, something out of the box.

9. Talk Money

There are many ways to earn money from a blog. Start with ads whenever you get the opportunity, then move to affiliate sales, selling eBooks, selling and promoting other vendor’s products with contracts etc. If you’re doing great work, making money won’t be an issue. Focus on your work.

10. Don’t Give Up

Your blog will earn no money at the start, it may earn some after few months down the line but on some days, you may feel that it is not enough compared to the effort you’re putting in. A tip for those times is to not give up, be patient and keep posting good content.

Blogging is fun if you’re passionate about it. Money is a supplementary outcome, it cannot be the driving force.


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