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Taking drugs may seem like instant gratification to the user to escape his or her reality for a while. But drugs are highly addictive and are also destructive to the body. So here we discuss some of the key ways in which drugs cause damage to the body.

1. The reality is that drugs affect the body both internally and externally. So they do damage the overall wellbeing of a person. That is why it is imperative to stop using drugs before the health is destroyed completely.

2. Drugs can cause more damage to your body when you mix them with alcohol. The effects of the drugs are intensified, which can lead to more organ damage, brain damage, an overdose and even death.

3. Taking drugs impairs your self-control. Thus, you can do many things that otherwise would not be considered good choices if you were sober. Your thinking and reasoning are most assuredly always affected in a negative manner when you take drugs.

4. Drugs can damage your brain. Even when you are not on drugs, you may still have memory troubles and learning difficulties, which could impair your chances of a successful future in a great and well-paying career.

5. Drugs can impair your speech. When you take drugs, you may slur your words and not make sense when you talk. Or the drugs may make it impossible for you to speak at all.

6. Drugs can negatively affect your lungs. They can cause you not to breathe properly. You may cough and struggle for breath. Or even worse, drugs can cause you to stop breathing altogether, which is absolutely life threatening. If oxygen is not administered to you within a quick time frame, then you may actually experience sudden death. Thus, taking drugs is serious and endangers your life.

7. Drugs can negatively affect the heart. They can make the heart beat too fast, which can cause a heart attack. A heart attack can be fatal, which means that not everyone survives a heart attack that is brought on by the usage of drugs.

8. Drugs may also lead to cardiac arrest, which means that your heart stops immediately. There is no warning when this happens. Death is almost imminent, which is why it stands to reason that those using drugs should seek help to stop their drug addiction as soon as possible.

9. Even though you may survive a heart attack caused by drugs, this does not mean that you will be in full health. Often people are tired and weak, as there is permanent damage to the heart when a heart attack occurs, even if you did not experience death as a result of the drug-induced heart attack.

10. Drug addiction can lead to HIV and AIDS, as often drug addicts share needles with other people whom they may not know are infected with these diseases. Drug addiction impairs the judgment of users to use clean needles.

11. Drugs can lead to the onset of gum disease. Also, drugs can produce rotten teeth.

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